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Efficient Method In Monitoring Home Activity On The Internet

Right after a string of high-profile burglaries that left our neighborhood in shock, I, together with everybody in the neighborhood, made a decision that it was time to purchase some serious home security measures.

I purchased the newest and greatest home surveillance system, which included cameras and a DVR, plus an Internet-capable IP camera. By keeping the IP camera concealed and connected to the internet, I could look at my home from anywhere on the planet.

An IP camera is an Internet-enabled camera that can send a real time video feed to any IP address which you set. It’s capable of sending both audio and video over the internet via a wireless, wired or 3G connection. This feed is viewable as long as you have it connected to an Internet connection.

The Wi-Fi camera features a processor that compresses the video live utilizing the H.264 algorithm. This allows it to send high-quality audio and video even over poor Internet connections.

What I had chosen was a Wi-Fi alarm clock radio covert camera with 2-way talk back audio. The spy camera is masked as an alarm clock and blends in easily alongside other household appliances, so that no one realizes they are being monitored.

I put it on a side table in my living room and tilted it in the direction of our front door to ensure that we could see people coming and going. Thanks to its Internet connectivity, I am able to check up on my house even though I am away on business.

On two occasions, I have witnessed several random strangers getting into my home and was able to contact the police before they even left the house. Imagine their surprise when the cops showed up while they were still robbing the place.

Leaving an IP camera concealed among your possessions is a great way to monitor activity within your residence. I have since bought several more of these Wi-Fi hidden cameras and added them to my home security system.

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