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Electrifying Trigger Stun Gun For Sale

Don’t you feel the need for extra protection in today’s world? Guns are out of the question, running is a huge risk, and relying on your guts and hoping that you don’t encounter any thugs or assaulters isn’t a feasible option too.
But there is a solution that will almost always work for you –the Stun Guns. These are great devices that can provide you protection from your assailant at all times. Trigger, identifying this need has developed stun guns that are really easy to use and come at a reasonable price. It has put its electrifying Trigger stun gun for sale so that all can purchase and begin to enjoy the amazing beauty of what these guns offer.
Why Choose Trigger?
Below are reasons as to why you should place your trust in Trigger Stun Guns.
1. The stun guns are potent and efficient. Having a power of 4.8 milliamps makes the electric shock really powerful and effective, bringing the assailant down to his knees.
2. You can never be sure as to how the situation will unfold in the eye of your attacker. And even though you may have your stun gun with you, it might get knocked off your hand or the assailant may overpower you and snatch it. In order to protect yourself, you’ll just need to pull the disabling pin strap of the gun which acts like a key. This will swiftly shut down the device.
3. Trigger Stun guns have been designed keeping in mind convenience. These stun guns are small and easy to fit in a purse. In fact, you can even carry it in your pocket. But don’t have any doubts about its reliability, it is still very powerful.
4. It comes with a flashlight, which is a really bright 100 lumen and can momentarily blind the attacker. The flashlight can also be used for everyday purposes.
5. Trigger Stun Guns come with other accessories as well which can help in ensuring even more protection.
a. Wildfire Campus Safety-Pepper Gel – This pepper gel is more effective than a pepper spray, and can be used from a distance of up to 10 feet. It can be used indoors and wind blows can’t really tamper with its path. You get up to 25 bursts which is five times than other market products.
b. Drink Guard-Drink Test Strips -With these test strips, you will be able to know whether anything has been added to your drink. You’ll get ten test cards, with each card having two tests on each side. These test strips are short and can be easily stored in a purse.
Isn’t electrifying Trigger stun gun for sale news great? You can always rely on Trigger to give you high quality and extremely effect stun guns.
Working of A Trigger Stun Gun?
Trigger Stun Guns, when pointed at the assailant, gives out a strong jolt of electricity. This jolt of electricity isn’t life- threatening but can bring the assailant to his knees, rendering him immobile for some time. This can give the holder enough time to call for help, overpower the assailant or just run away.
Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Purchasing A Stun Gun
a. Find out whether stun guns are legal where you live. Yes, it is not fatal and the law implications are negligible but you have to abide by law if it makes stun guns illegal.
b. Tasers and Stun Guns aren’t the same. They have different effective range. Stun Guns are only close- range devices whereas tasers have a long and close range.
There is no reason as to why you should remain scared when you have a safe, non-lethal but highly effective weapon in the name of Trigger stun gun. Even better, you don’t really have to buy a stun gun from a registered shop. If your city makes it legal, then you can purchase one online too. The electrifying Trigger stun gun for sale online.

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