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Exactly How To Safeguard Your Child Even If Far Away

In the summer before she was to leave for college I made a decision to teach my daughter how to utilize a self-defense keychain. Thinking of her being by herself and at risk got my better half and me overly worried about her safety while she was miles away.

The Heart Attack keychain that I got her is much more than just a keychain which is shaped into a heart. The cute-looking thing as fitting as it is for her age is truly a personal defense gadget that she could utilize when somebody attacks her.

Her disguised weapon is made from tough plastic. All that she has to do is hold it in between her fingers and punch the living daylights out of her opponent.

The news which we read about abduction and also harassment scenarios wherein girl students are usually the victims have been the reasons for our concern. Were not there to protect our child or keep her out of harms way.

Her mom advised her to continually be alert and never ever to talk to strangers. But at her age I know that it is quite impossible not to mingle and meet brand new individuals. I think she got the point though since she kept nodding her head.

That got me a bit worried as well as she might be saying yes just to shut us up. Just before she left however she told us with sincerity in her voice that she understood our fear and will always put our advices to her head and heart.

It pleases me to know that my teenager is level headed. I will be happy with the way we have raised her and prouder still that she knows precisely how to take care of herself. As we went her to the dormitory I reminded her about what a self-defense expert could do even with simple house keys when dealing with a dangerous individual.

Of course rather than using only keys to safeguard herself she should get her Heart Attack keychain instead and deal that powerful blow. The moment her inconspicuous defense gadget knocks her assailant down she should then run to safety and dial 911.

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