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Good Non Lethal Weapons

Non lethal weapons have become really important nowadays because the crimes like thefts, robberies, and so on are increasing day by day. There are several self-defense weapons available in the market. Each and every weapon has its own characteristics and advantages. Prior buying a self-defense weapon it is better to collect all the available information about its pros and cons. Here is the list of some good non lethal weapons you might consider for your own protection:

Pepper Spray

It is true that pepper spray is one of the best self-defense weapons, but it also has some limitations. The chemical heat which is released by the pepper spray stops the attacker from attacking. It causes a complete immediate inflammation of the mucus membranes of the lungs, throat, nose, and eyes. At an average, the pepper sprays can be used from 8 feet of distance up to 20 feet. The wind may change the direction of the spray, so be careful and try to avoid being exposed to your own pepper spray.


Kubotan is actually the most famous amongst the self-defense weapons. The major reason is that it is the most efficient pressure point self-defense weapon which is determined as legal and non-lethal. Another reason is that this weapon is simple and easy to carry along. Mostly the kubotans have an attached key ring. There are several styles of this weapon, but the average kubotan is like a stick which is over � inch in the diameter and 5 � inches in length.

Stun Guns

These are just amazing. These good non lethal weapons makes use of electrical voltage in order to distract the muscular operations of the attacker. This voltage causes pain in the muscles. In fact, this voltage interrupts the neurological impulses up to muscles due to which the attacker is not able to control his or her muscle functions. The negative point is that the electrode of the stun gun must be in direct contact with the attacker. That means you have to come closer to the attacker so that the stun gun will work efficiently.

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