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Granny Cam DVR

Flower Pot Color Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR

Children are often concerned about the well being of their aged parents, as they have to work in a place far away due to professional reasons. The aged parents may fall sick anytime or need help, and if their children reside far away it is difficult to get any kind of assistance. Often children hire a caregiver to provide assistance to their parents in their old age, a nurse if these parents are unwell. Using a granny cam dvr can help in monitoring their status of the parents periodically from a remote location.
One of the disadvantages of using a caregiver or nurse for a vulnerable person are that it is very difficult to verify the nature of the person. There are many who will seem to very well qualified, but may exploit their ward if they find them vulnerable, especially if the person cannot fight back. It is very difficult to gauge human nature. A granny cam dvr can be used to track the activies of the care giver and nurse, to ensure that they do not abuse their powers to physically harm their ward or steal their belongings for personal gain.

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