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Have You Prepared A College Apartment Checklist?

What’s Included In The College Apartment Checklist?

As a lady, have you ever thought just how safe you are when you step out of the door? For the men, are you ever concerned when your mother, sister, daughter, is out, even a little late in the darkness?

Urban Safety Solutions provides it’s online shoppers FREE shipping. And it’s college female self defense kit should be included when putting together a university apartment checklist.

The truth is, everyone needs to take concern over their safety at all times. However, as data suggests, most criminals will target those they consider weak and vulnerable. Consequently, this puts women of all ages at risk of being burglarized.

Female students are perhaps at the highest risk of being attacked by these petty criminals. In most cases, the attack can escalate to violent crimes such as rape and other sexual assault and harassment forms.

If you –or another lady out there is in such peril or faces such a situation, what self-defense tactics can you employ to ensure you’re safe and have maximum protection? If you are moving to an apartment or dorm, herein are a few college apartment checklist items to boost your personal protection efforts.

1. The Wildfire Pepper Gel

Every college apartment checklist needs to have this as one of the top items. Essentially, this is a revolutionary spray that will have your attacker incapacitated as you get help or plan your escape route.

As you’ll realize, most of these crimes against women are physical in nature. While this is a great source of concern, it also means the attacker has to get so close to you that they actually make physical contact.

With the Wildfire Pepper Gel, you won’t have to worry about someone getting too close to you. Soon as you notice someone is following you closely, or you’re uncomfortable, you can just whip it from your purse or pocket and spray them with it.

This, however, is not your everyday pepper spray that the attacker has gotten used to. Here are a few increased security and self-defense measures revolutionary in the Wildfire Pepper Gel

· It’s the hottest pepper spray in the market at 1.4% MC and containing over 2 million Scoville Heat Units

· It swells the attacker’s mucous membrane and eyes, making it difficult for them to breath or even see you

· While it has no permanent damage, the effects can last for at least 45 minutes

· The spray leaves an identifiable UV dye

2. The Spike Stun Gun

Gone are the days you had to worry about carrying a stun gun. Not only were they clearly visible, but they were also rather bulky.

That, however, is a thing of the past. This sleek yet practical stun gun fits in your hand, and it can also shock the assailant with more than 20 million volts.

With this stun gun in your college apartment checklist, you’ll always feel safe. And in case anyone tries anything funny, they’ll be shocked by your safety preparation. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. The Super Door Stop Alarm

You can now sleep safely, knowing the super door stop alarm well protects you. This turnkey invention can sense even the slightest door movements. Once tampered with, the super door stop alarm will activate a 120dB alert to notify you of the intrusion.

To lighten the burden of creating an exhaustive college apartment checklist, you can opt for the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit. The kit comes equipped with all the above-mentioned items – a 20 million volt stun gun, a super door stop alarm, and the sticky pepper gel. With these items, no one will catch you by surprise, and even when they do, you’ll be more than prepared. Order your kit today with a discount code and enjoy free shipping privileges. More details are available @

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