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Helping Elderly Folks Keep Their Personal Things Secure

Since my daddy died my senior-aged mom has been living alone in a suburb near Chicago. She has a cleaning lady that comes in daily and church pals who visit on a regular basis. Aside from them she has the place all to herself.

During our very last phone call my mom was distraught over missing jewelry. I did not want to pass it off as forgetfulness kicking in simply because she was always very careful with her stuff. I told her that it may be best to get a covert jewelry safe for her valuable belongings.

I did not want for mother to get a metal safe that can make another person feel that she had a lot of money all around the house. Thus I drove down one weekend to find out how she was and to show her what diversion safes were.

Soda can safes were ones that I started out using soon after transferring to the busy downtown. Inside my apartment burglary was always a possibility while figuring out my concealed safes wasnt. I wanted my mom to have the same peace of mind that her belongings were safely hidden.

I showed her the numerous disguised safes online through my laptop computer. I also let her take a look at my Dr. Pepper stash can only to prove my point. Like dad mom can be stubborn sometimes but she gave in grudgingly after seeing how uncanny the resemblance was. Even this can safes weight got her fooled.

We opted for diversion safes that no one but her would touch. She does all the cooking so designs like a gourmet saltshaker safe that can be put into the kitchen are a good idea.

An Arizona iced tea can safe could be held in the refrigerator and her petty cash would be safe. She found it easy to take the secret cover off thus it was just right for her.

For her jewelry safe she selected a hairbrush diversion safe that she could leave on her vanity. I am just glad that I helped mom secure the valuable trinkets that had come from father.

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