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Hidden Nanny Cams with DVR

Many working parents have been wondering recently about what they can do to keep an eye on their babysitters or nannies, and how to do it efficiently.  Our hidden nanny cams with DVR are specifically designed  for in-house surveillance monitoring  and recording the activities of the child care provider or home care giver. Security cameras for your home allow working parents to see if the nanny provides adequate care for your little one and there are no instances of child abuse occurring.  In the even of suspicion of child abuse or serious neglecting of duty and responsibility on the part of the home care provider it is the nanny cam recordings that can be resorted to for verifying the guilt or innocence of the concerned nanny.

What is a Nanny Cam?  A nanny cam is a video camera cleverly disguised as an everyday object.  So, where do you start with nanny cams?  The first thing you should know is what you can and cannot do with a nanny cam.

Hidden camera equipment installed discreetly in main areas of the home will enable you to keep an eye on babysitters with your young children or even teenagers that are at home by themselves.  You should not wait until you suspect your children are being neglected or abused to install a nanny cam.  You should have hidden nanny cams with DVR installed before you ever leave your children alone with someone else to be assured of their safety. Hidden nanny cams with DVR or surveillance cameras are not only great for keeping children safe in a home but some child care centers now use them in all their main areas such as indoors and outdoors play areas and nap areas.  Having cameras in these places will not only give working parents peace of mind but managers, and workers will feel safer too.  Parents will be assured that their children are being watched carefully, and workers will be assured that there is extra surveillance for the children.

Hidden nanny cams with DVR usually come installed within toys or common household item.  Hidden nanny cams with DVR are concealed within an exit sign, air freshener or Sony alarm clock.  There are a variety of  hidden nanny cams with DVR covertly disguised as just about any every day household object. For example, our air purifier DVR  hidden camera can be placed in an area of the home or business that you may suspect unauthorized visitors or theft.

The important thing to consider here though is placement.  Make sure your camera is in a good location, so that you will be filming more than just someone’s foot.  Furthermore, interference can occur for electronics that made use of a similar frequency, such as cordless phones and other electronics.  The interference should always be minimal, but to make sure you have a good recording, place your camera somewhere that is not in line with another equipment that utilizes the same transmitting frequency.

Getting a hidden camera with DVR may be the best thing you can do to protect your children because you’ll now be able to see what’s going on in your home when your not there.  Many parents are deciding that having one or more hidden nanny cams with DVR is an effective way to ensure that their child or children are safe when left with the babysitter or if teenagers are often home alone.

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