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Hidden Security Cameras For Your Home

Tower Fan Hidden Camera - DVR

Do you ever wonder what is going on at your home when you are not there? For those who work long hours away from home, it can be rather disconcerting to be out of touch with the happenings in your home for so long. With crime on the rise and neighborhoods becoming more unsafe, anything could happen.

Do you leave your children with babysitters when you are away? This can be a real difficulty for parents. It is natural to wonder if things are going well with the sitter. Hopefully she is tending to your children with kindness and not being harsh with them. But how can you know for sure? Maybe she has invited friends over and is just partying while your children stare at the television all day.

Or maybe you have left the door unlocked so that the appliance repair man could come in and fix the leaking ice maker on your refrigerator. Is he doing what he is supposed to be doing and leaving immediately? Or is he helping himself to a snack? Perhaps he has decided to look around your house a little. If he is a thief as well as an appliance repair man, he may be looking around to see what might be worth coming back to steal later.

It would also be nice to be able to watch the outside of your home as well. Are neighborhood kids coming over and swimming in your pool while you are gone? Maybe you would like to keep an eye on your outdoor pets.

Happily, there is an easy solution to these concerns. Video surveillance cameras make it easy to watch your home and yard while you are away. If you install cameras in every room in your house, and in both your front and back yard, you can watch your home easily. These cameras will send video feed to you, and you can watch it on your computer or even on your smart phone.

You will have to decide if you want your cameras hidden or out in plain sight. There are advantages to both. For example, you will probably want to hide the cameras inside the house. But the outdoor cameras should be in plain sight.

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