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Holiday Season Home Security Tips And DIY Security Cameras


The following holiday season home security tips will help ensure your property is secure…

Are you ready to leave your home to celebrate holiday season away from home? Is your home already equipped with the most advanced security devices to secure your precious belongings and keep them away from intruders? While spending time outdoors with your loved ones is great, leaving your home for a couple of days have turned into a great risk. With the increasing cases of intrusions and advancing criminal schemes, no one is exempted, especially defenseless homes from lawlessness. Ensuring the protection of family and property is a key priority at this moment.

Intrusions are high during holiday season where almost all families are out to celebrate the festivity. Thieves consider this time advantageous to them to break homes easily as no one is present. At any time you leave your home unguarded, keeping a good type of home security cameras can do a lot of help. It is important for every homeowner to take the right precautions and choose the right shield for their home and valuables to stay intact for days while the entire family is out. Here are some useful suggestions to apply to reduce the risks to family and property. Also, today’s DIY security cameras can be enabled to instantly alert you via email when motion is detected by surveillance cameras. An embedded dvr makes this technology possible and complete systems are the best option to consider.

Make sure that your home is working appropriately. Before leaving, take time to check each area around your home. Double check the locks, the windows and any possible entrance points to where intruders can get in. Right after that, proceed to checking your alarms. People tend to forget about their alarm system including those that are mounted inside their cars. This is one of the most essential steps you should complete before leaving your home to avoid losing your property.

Check your alarm systems from lighting damage. Strong thunderstorms can degrade your alarm system’s overall capacity and power. As a responsible homeowner, you must regularly check your systems in case of lighting damage and replace defective parts right away to prevent further destruction. Homeowners that have house insurance should furthermore consider that during cases of intrusion, the insurance company will investigate whether alarms are properly used and maintained. Testing of your alarm systems should be completed anytime soon before the planned getaway.

Make an advance note to your security company about your holiday vacation. Inform your security company regarding your vacation ahead of time so they can keep close attention to your home. Give them your contacts and some important information to reach you in case of urgent situations. If you trust your neighbors pretty well, inform them about your holiday plans and allow them to guard your home. You may also request your neighbors to temporarily receive all the deliveries that would come into your address.

If you have housemaids or gardeners assigned to maintain your home, teach them on how to make use of the alarm properly. Instruct them to always lock and secure all the windows and door even during the day. No one is excused when criminals are on the run, thus outsmart them with the use of the latest home security devices and the above tips mentioned.

Installing a DIY home security camera system will ensure that your property can be monitored from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

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