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Home Defense Less Than Lethal

According to recent studies, the amount of lethal weapons available to common people has surpassed all its previous records. This has translated into increased burglaries and low safety for residential areas all around the world. If you live in your home with your family and do not have all night active vigilance, then you should also keep a non-lethal home defense weapon with you.
Home defense less than lethal is your constitutional right and non-lethal weapons provide you added security to your family. In case of any attempt of robbery at your home or someone entering your place with ulterior motives, you can quickly handle the situation with courage and non-lethal defense weapons. Some of the top non-lethal defense weapons are listed below:
• Pepper Spray: The best non-lethal weapon that you can equip yourself with is pepper spray. It releases pepper dissolved in solvent to temporarily blind your target and the pain knocks down your targets completely.
• Stun Gun: It is an inexpensive and highly effective non-lethal defense weapon in case of a close encounter with your enemy. The 53 million volt of shock would certainly boggle down the bravest robber on earth.
• Striker Flashlight: If you are hesitant about attacking your assailant physically, then striker flashlight is the perfect less than lethal home defense for you. The immediate flash of 1000 lumens temporarily blinds your opponent long enough, providing you the opportunity to get away safely.
The benefits of non-lethal home defense weapons are certainly obvious as they provide an added protection to the family. With the help of these weapons, you can sleep in a peaceful state of mind knowing that in case of any eventuality you are well prepared. It also provides you self-confidence and brings harmony to your life.
It is, therefore, recommended to have some home defense less than lethal as a contingency plan in case of a robbery at your home. Don’t leave yourself defenseless especially when the danger is lurking out there all the time.

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