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Home Surveillance Tips For Those Of Us On A Budget


We were in need of home surveillance tips for those of us on a budget  After thinking about where can I buy spy gear online, I found exactly what we needed in the form of a motion activated spy cam DVR.

In our area, among the greatest issues which we have would be the catastrophically high crime rate. Thieves have been proven to get into homes not only in the middle of the night but during the day also.

Our neighbors have invested in sophisticated, pricey, high-end security systems but we could not pay for that. We needed to search for another solution. Thus, I decided to check out hidden cameras for home monitoring purposes.

Surveillance cameras are normally used by entrepreneurs to watch their stores when they are away, but these can be utilized by house owners as well. They are usually disguised as common objects, just like desk lamps or wall clocks.

This enables them to blend normally with the surroundings around them and also ensures that your subjects are not aware that they’re being watched. Regarding size, our house was an average, two-story home in the heart of suburban America.

It was obvious from the beginning, however, that one camera alone would not cover the entire household, so I planned to have at least 3 different types. The first spy camera which we bought was a boom box hidden camera, which was placed in our living room, by the TV.

Considering that thieves in our area preferred to go in by the back and garage doors. I installed electrical box hidden cameras on the walls outside our house. This enabled me to watch the outside of the house just as well as the interior.

Finally, we purchased mirror hidden cameras as well as CO detector hidden cameras to utilize in the numerous rooms throughout the house. They blended very well with the current interior design that we had in place and offered us an easy way to cover areas that couldn’t accommodate other sorts of hidden camera. The best in home spy cameras are cleverly disguised as ordinary household products.

Making use of hidden cameras for home surveillance was a great idea. They are very affordable compared to the price of a monthly service contract and security system coming from a specialized company, and are extremely effective.

We also purchased a motion activated spy cam dvr as gift for my brother who suspected someone has been snooping in his office while away on business trips. An office hidden camera dvr can be an affordable alternative to expensive security systems.


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