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How An Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Will Catch A Thieving Roommate

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

Spy gear like an alarm clock hidden camera will catch a thieving roommate in the act. This is how one person took action to confirm suspected theft…

Ideally, I would want to stay in my own personal apartment. But unfortunately, given that I only began my very first job after college, I didn’t have the money to live on my own. Somebody who graduated from my class offered to rent with me and I agreed.

After several weeks of us living alongside one another, I would notice several of my stuff had gone missing from my room. I had no one else to blame but my roommate, however, I didn’t want to make accusations until I had evidence. I decided to buy a hidden camera to get to the bottom of things.

I came across a tissue box hidden camera that will blend along with the other items inside my room. It’s a wireless camera operated by an 8-hour rechargeable pack and also an actual cover which slides on top of an existing box of tissues.

Spy cameras are utilized for unobtrusively keeping an eye on things happening in any place. These will help capture the culprit in action and are also perfect for monitoring your family even when you are elsewhere.

There was an alarm clock hidden camera that seemed to be the perfect disguise. Besides its capability to record, it was a fully functional radio and alarm clock with a big LED monitor.

While searching for options, I learned that the majority of surveillance cameras are designed to look as regular objects seen every day. This is so that no person would ever suspect that they are being watched.

Furthermore, I stumbled upon a vanity mirror hidden camera which was quite interesting. It is ideal for surveillance inside a bedroom setting, seeing as it can be utilized as an actual mirror on top of its ability to record activity.

My choice to buy a hidden camera will help me find out who has been taking my things. Despite the fact that I suspect my roommate, there’s a big possibility that it could be one of our visitors, so it would be smart to have proof.

A motion activated spy cam dvr is very easy to operate and will enable you to covertly monitor what’s going on when your not there.


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