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How Can I Protect My Daughter Away At College?

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

How Can I Protect My Daughter Away at College?

Burglary, larceny, and rape, especially when living alone or in fraternities and sorority houses, college life sometimes gets horrific, alright. This wedge alarm kit. Is an effective method to protect  daughter away at college.

Not to sound the alarm that our colleges are completely unsafe; in fact, most colleges are much safer than your average city. But it is also true that crime does happen on college campuses.

Statistics indicate that crime happens nearly every day in almost every university college across the United States. Students living on and off-campus have reported cases of robbery with violence, stalking, hate crime, and even sexual assault.

College dorms rooms have been broken into with the perpetrators making away with victims’ valuables, including laptops, electronics, and books for sale through the black markets in the town.

Cases of hate crimes are also on the rise, especially with the current socio-political climate. This urban survival kit will help protect daughter away at college.

3 dead and dozens injured during a white mob march through the campus of the University of Virginia

Just two years ago, torch-bearing far-right nationalists marched through the University of Virginia campus, shouting messages of hate and dishing

out violence to students and local residents.

Incidents like this are on the rise on university campuses across the United States from both those on the far right and left imposing physical harm and leaving students with traumatic experiences for a long time. This college care package will protect daughter away at college.

Sexual assault is also another major crime happening on campuses. Single college female students especially have run into an encounter with a creepy fella or two during a night out alone or with friends. Our college apartment kit will help safeguard and protect daughter away at college.

One in 5 women is sexually violated on campus.

That one in 5 females is sexually assaulted on campus is blood-curdling. Statistics show that fraternity bros rape 300 percent more. They also reveal that a frat guy is 3 times more likely to rape and that sorority women are 74 % more likely to experience sexual assaults. A dorm apartment security alarm package can assist to protect daughter at college.

Sometimes even innocent traditions such as howling at the moon, birthday dunks and hunters-vs-monsters hunt meant to blow off steam turn horrific. In 2013 several women at the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee had to be hospitalized after they woke up with memory lapses and black and red X’s on their hands after a night of intoxication at a frat party.

So, in as much as you trust your daughters’ common sense while in college, that is no reason to see her off without some college survival kit.

What is a College Survival Kit? Visit

A college self defense kit is a useful collection of non-lethal personal protection tools that come in handy during various nightmare scenarios. Thousands of parents have selected a door wedge alarm kit to protect daughter away at college.

· Personal safety alarms and keychain alarms

Convenient, portable, wireless, and attention-grabbing travel door wedge and keychain alarms to warn off burglars and alert neighbors for help. Personal alarms are legal to own and carry and do not need complex electrical concepts to operate.

Door wedge alarms come in handy, especially to keep out burglars. And protect daughter away at college.

College dorms rooms are known for their relaxed ‘open door’ policy, and while this has its benefits, it also results in huge loss of properties. And those textbooks and academic materials are not cheap. On average, students spend between $1,000 and $1,500 on academic materials.

Add to that living expenses and tuition fee, and it’s going to clean your pockets dry. There’s no cash to waste replacing carelessly lost properties. Get your daughter a damn super door stop alarm.

Door wedge alarms are also portable for use when traveling alone or backpacking. When spending the night in dodgy guesthouses, you never know who has the keys to your room, place an alarm on the inside of the inward-opening door for alerts in case of intruders.

Keychain alarms help draw attention to threats and emergencies.

Keychain alarms are easy-to-use personal alarms that attach on a keychain to be carried on the person for use in the various scenarios. Whether your daughter is out walking or even running through a dark street alone, keychain alarms are convenient to have. In case of the need for medical attention or the need for first aid, keychain alarms can signal for help.

Check out Urban Safety Solution’s Kickass College Survival Kit.

The $80 xtreme urban survival kit is a useful collection of easy-to-use non-lethal personal protection tools to help your daughter, sister, niece stay safe while in college. A must door alarm kit to protect daughter away at college.

It contains one black spike stun gun that sends out 20 million volts, one wildfire sticky paper gel, and a super door stop alarm.

1. Spike Stun Gun 20 Million Volts

A stun gun is a tool that your attacker won’t see coming until you are pumping a million volts of the electricity into their own body, then disabling them on the spot. Stun gun effects hurt bad but are rarely fatal. Fatalities of stun guns usually have an underlying heart condition.

Urban Safety Solution puts shocking stopping power in your daughter’s hands with Safety Technology’s 20million volt black Spike Stun Gun.

It has a rubberized coating for non-slip and black finishing. The spike stun gun rests discreetly in hand with a conveniently placed trigger button at your palms and two sharp spikes for surprise brute force. Very effective non lethal personal security kit. To protect daughter away at college.

Alternatively, the user can fire a warning shot in the air to scare off their attacker since the spike stun gun discharges loudly. The package arrives with a Nylon Belt Holster in case one wants to go for an armed look. There’s also a USB charger. The warranty on the 20-million-volt spike stun gun in the college survival kit is till the end of its lifespan – lifetime warranty.

Apart from the black spike stun gun, Urban Safety Solutions has stun guns in other designs too. These include a cell phone design that that culprit won’t ever see coming. There’s also a flashlight design that doubles as a flashlight too when walking in dark streets and a Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun in lipstick design. Just confirm what the college policy on stun guns is before placing your order.

2. Wildfire 1.4% MC 2oz Sticky Pepper Gel

The inflaming power of 2,000,000 SHU’s raw pepper in your daughter’s hands to stop aggressors and get away safely. Plus, it carries a UV dye for perpetrator identification later after reporting to the authorities.

Pepper gel is great to have, whether walking alone or running through dark campus streets and roads. It is convenient compared to spray, it travels farther than a spray, and once in the attacker’s face, it’s instantly inflaming, hard to wash off, or blow back in your daughter’s face and hurts like a b!tch. And temporarily blinds the attacker… approximately 45 minutes. And should be included in any college survival care package. Protect daughter away at college.  

Pepper gel is also convenient because it follows the direction it’s discharged in minimizing effects on other people in close proximity. Gel, of course, is a sticky, thick substance making it hard for the person to blow it back in the victim’s face.

Urban safety’s Wildfire Pepper gel boasts of longer distance range, 1.4 % MC 2oz pepper mixture, and sticks on the perp’s face like glue. It is also non-flammable!

Wildfire Pepper Gel has an approximate 6-8 one second burst and an 8-10 feet range. Again, find out what policy the college has on pepper gels. Some colleges prohibit pepper gel on-campus properties.

3. Super Door Stop Alarm

No self-defense kit is complete without a portable wedge door alarm. The college survival kit contains a 120db super door stop alarm powered by a 9-volt battery. The alarm contains a movement sensor with changeable sensitivity. The user can wedge the alarm on the back of an inside-opening door, and it will activate in case the sensitivity is tempered with alerting to an intrusion attempt. This dorm apartment security alarm kit will bring some peace of mind. This door wedge alarm kit is simple system to protect daughter away at college.

The back of the alarm features an OFF/ON switch. The battery is not included in the package; it’s to be bought separately. Personal alarms are not weapons; they won’t harm anyone but use loud sirens to draw attention to threats and emergencies.

Other non-lethal personal protection tools you can get for your college daughter include the following.

4. Safety Lights

From light armbands to clip-on LED lights, strobes, and other personal safety light designs that double as power banks, your daughter can light her way through dark city streets and stay visible in emergency scenarios.

Urban Safety 8-N-1 car charger power bank auto safety tool is the swiss army knife of safety lights, perfect for various unthinkable scenarios. It has red flashing light to signal for help. The tool can also be used to charge phones and tablets, cut through a seatbelt, and break out through a car window when stuck. It can also act as a 120 Lumen flashlight for when your daughter needs to see miles away.

Other safety lights on the Urban Safety Solutions site include a 9-volt Blocklite with 6 ultra-bright LED flashlight that allows high and flashing light modes. You can also equip your daughter with 500 or 1200 lumen of blinding LED light by getting her the Self Defense Zoomable Lumen Flashlight.

5. Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Function

Campuses are not without creeps who stalk and harass female students. A digital voice recorder can keep evidence of stalking and altercations for protection by authorities and even getting a restraining order.

This digital voice recorder only starts recording when sound is detected and has telephone and room recording modes. It is powered by two 1.5-volt batteries with a 17-hour battery life and features a USB for PC interface. It is compatible with a 4GB removable flash disk and can record up to 864 hours.

6. Tasers

Tasers are legal across all U.S states. They can be concealed or carried openly. They are the most non-lethal self-protection tools in the market.

These give you the electroshock stopping power of massive volts of electricity that penetrate even the thickest clothes. Just remember to get one with protective features, including a disabling pin, so the tool won’t start discharging volts when in your purse or pocket.

7. Telescopic steel batons

As long as it is legal to own and carry expandable batons for self-defense, you can equip your daughter with one for personal protection. Telescopic steel batons are useful in stopping street crime by aiming blows at the perp’s meaty parts or even swinging for the arm and leg bones if the worse get to the worst.

8. Self-Defence Key Chain

Self-defense key chains are now legal to own and carry in Texas for personal protection, but these plastic knuckle dusters are illegal in some states. Just find out what laws you are dealing with first before making the purchase.

Check out our self-defense keychain styles. We have a simple dog-shaped Brutus key chain and a heart-shaped Heart Attack that goes between the fingers. These are constructed from impact-resistant plastic for devastating stopping power.

There you go now; essentially, a college survival kit brings peace of mind. College is supposed to be the most fun part of life, a time for self-discovery and socialization. Unfortunately, trauma from violence can leave your daughter afraid for life, paranoid and suspicious of everyone.

That is not the way to live, not especially during her college years. Reduce worries and stress by equipping her with a college self-defense kit. Some violence cannot be avoided, but still, there’s a lot you can do to protect your daughter. Even the underrated pepper spray, maybe just the help needed to get away from an aggressor unharmed. Better stay safe than sorry! Protect daughter away at college with the easy to use extreme urban survival kit.

Urban Safety Solutions is a Missouri-based business, specialized in equipping everyday women with simple, effective self-defense solutions to survive nightmare scenarios that accompany college or urban living. Please consider our xtreme urban survival kit as an effective less than lethal option to protect daughter away at college.

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We are a 12-year member of Missouri Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating on our products and great offers in place, including a lifetime warranty on our Spike Stun Gun, FREE shipping on all orders when you apply discount code.

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