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How Can My Daughter Protect Herself Walking Alone At Night

How Can My Daughter Protect Herself Walking Alone At Night?

Although there are times in life, one must take a risk, walking alone at night is not one of those particularly for ladies. Walking alone exposes them to risks of assault, harassment, and other violent crimes.

Now, regardless of how much you try to avoid it, chances are you will walk alone at some point, to the front door, the corners store, or even to the car. Essentially, the human mind is designed to believe that it will always be someone else that will be attacked until they are that somebody else!

So how can you or your loved one go about it? I am sure many parents are also asking themselves, “How can my daughter protect herself walking alone at night? Advise her to follow these tips to be safe.

Safety tips


Call a friend

Necessarily, just call a close friend to let him or her know that you are walking alone at night. You can even ask them to go with you if it is possible. A familiar face when walking alone will put you at ease. If it is on the phone, let them know where you are, what you are wearing, and if there is anybody around.

In Your Purse

Odds are your daughter carries a bag or purse throughout the day, so why not use it to protect herself? She can carry rocks and swing the bag at any attacker. You can also try these lighter options:

· Telescopic Steel Batons

· Taser

· Hot Shot Stun Gun

· Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

· Wildfire Pepper Gel

· Super Door Stop Alarm

Note that not all these weapons are suitable for air travel. Similarly, her college or high school may have regulations against specific weapons. So before you purchase anything, check any rules in her apartment, high school, or campus and see what they are allowed to carry. Getting caught with an illegal weapon could have very grave consequences.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Being aware of your surroundings, especially at night, is extremely important. Pay attention to what is going on, and do not listen to music or talk until you reach a safe and secure location. Also, avoid seemingly empty or dark areas where there is little or no traffic. Be cautious of people who look out of place, suspicious or uncomfortable.


Take self-defense classes

Learn basic self-defence techniques. This will help you calm down any fears and apprehensions about moving around alone at night.

Use Apps that can track you.

Still asking yourself this question… “How Can My Daughter Protect Herself Walking Alone At Night?” Use the applications to track your location. They can be tracked in case of a lost hiking, or abduction. Some of the apps include:

· Life 360

· I am Getting Kidnapped

· FollowMee

· KidControl

· FamilyLocator GPS

· Geozilla

We don’t recommend any of the above applications. They were just giving examples. You can look at the reviews online on every product to see what will well fit her needs. Though the applications will not scare attackers, they will track you and alert friends and family if there is a problem.


Wrapping it up

Encourage her to use common sense is very important when walking alone at night. It is not rocket science and as long as she is smart about walk, and follows these tips on How Can My Daughter Protect Herself Walking Alone at Night?’ she will be in for a positive adventure. Crime Is Real!!! Act now, Don’t Be A Victim!

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