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How Can Single Women Benefit From Dorm Apartment Alarm Kit?

How Can Single Female Guard Against Being Assaulted In Apartment, College Dorm Or Hotel? has personal security products available online. 

Sexual violence is mounting to be a full-scale epidemic around the world. It looks like wherever a woman is a, a sex-starved sociopath is lurking close behind. No one is safe, and nowhere is safe, whether it is an apartment, college dorm, or hotel room. How can female travelers protect themselves in a hotel room?

Stay in a safer part of town.

The best hotel for a solo female traveler should be located in the safest part of town. That means that before you book and travel, do your research. How is the security situation of the area? Are there high crime rates? Every part of the city has its shadowy sections. See what reviewers are saying online, you can learn a lot there.

Stay in a woman-friendly hotel.

But the location security is only a start. You have to narrow down to the hotel itself. What security systems and measures have they implemented? Forward-thinking hotel brands are increasingly investing in women-specific security systems and measures.

Apart from full premise CCTV coverage and alarm response stations, some offer women-specific floors. Others have trained their staff concerning female client safety. The checking assistant will not call out your name, for instance. And you will have someone to walk you between the parking lot and your room. Many others allow you to bring a dorm apartment alarm kit.

Before you book, call to find out what measures they have at the hotel you have in mind.

Avoid the ground floor.

If there is no room left except the ones on the ground floor, we recommend that you find another hotel. Most incidences of rape in hotel rooms happen on the ground floor. That is because ground floor rooms are easy to access for criminals and sexual perverts. Driven by their demons or intoxication, these people look for easier targets–they will hardly have the time to get to the top floors. So you are safer up there.

Keep your door bolted.

Perhaps you have a roommate at home or your college dorm. Maybe it’s even a male roommate who makes you feel safer. You leave the door open during the day and late into the night to enjoy the cool breeze or converse with your friend next door. Maybe you have installed a dorm apartment alarm kit and you sleep soundly with your door ajar in those hot summer nights.

With hotels, you are safer with your door shut tight. Use the door bolt night and day, as long as you are in the room. The danger is often closer than you think. It could be the well dressed and eloquent stalker who manages to get your room key from the front desk. It could be the friend you are traveling with, the one you thought you could trust. Who is to know? It is a sexually radioactive world. You must protect yourself.

Don’t open the door to strangers.

Hotel employees are dressed in uniform. Room service calls first. It is easy to know who doesn’t belong. Watch out; don’t open your hotel door if you weren’t expecting someone. If you have to open it, keep the security chain engaged until you are sure about your safety.

Pack a door stop alarm

A small door stop alarm kit gives your hotel door extra fortification. Let’s say things went south, and you landed on the ground floor. You are fully exposed to whoever manages to get into the hotel. A stranger could quickly obtain your room key and get access to you while you are asleep.

Things work differently when you use a door stop alarm. It’s a small wedge-shaped device that goes between the floor and the door. Someone may unlock the door with a key, yes. But when they attempt to push it open, a loud siren is triggered. That will wake you up (and everyone else in the hotel, including security guards) and give you a chance to make emergency calls or arm yourself. The dorm apartment alarm kit has saved many women from such dangerous situations.

Hide your room number and don’t disclose your gender

When booking your hotel room, don’t use your first name. Use your initial and sir name only as a way to deter stalkers targeting females in the hotel. When you get your room number, keep it hidden as well. Ask the checking clerk to write it down for you as opposed to announcing it out loud for other guests could overhear. Don’t invite new friends or dates to your room until you are confident that you can trust them.

Research the local emergency numbers

By the time you are checking in at the hotel, you should have the area’s emergency numbers on your phone. Have them on speed dial. In the case of a break-in incident, your doorstop security alarm will buy you time. You can use those few minutes wisely to call police or security people near you.

Bring smart, discreet, compact non-lethal weapons

Technology seems to be the only thing in our corner with regards to safety. Be sure to pack some smart personal safety devices when you travel. They are discreet and compact. Some are multi functional, acting as flashlights when it’s a stun gun or as a pen when it’s a tactical weapon to protect yourself. These are just examples of non-lethal weapons that women should take to hotels when traveling solo. They work efficiently well in a synergistic combination with the dorm apartment alarm kit.

And don’t forget the good old pepper spray!

Wear a fake wedding ring

This measure may sound extreme, especially for young single women traveling alone. It works because sexual predators and stalkers look for an easy pick. The presence of a wedding ring on your finger could be what announces that your husband is somewhere close by. It will keep the creeps out of your way.

Take charge, don’t be held down.

The time for women to rise and take charge of their safety and security is now. The world is indiscriminately unsafe for women, yes. But does that mean that you have to live your life in a box? Certainly no.

You deserve the freedom to live alone or single for as long as you want. You deserve the freedom to work and travel the world. You deserve to enjoy life without fear. Start now. Get yourself a personal safety kit to help you live your best life.

The dorm apartment alarm kit is empowering women to shoot through the glass ceiling. Don’t be left behind.

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