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How Can Women Traveling Alone Guard Against Being Assaulted In Hotel Room?

Never Worry About Your Safety with These Three Security Tips

There is no place you can travel to and be assured of your safety. Crime is everywhere, and while some areas are safer than others, the truth is, when you’re traveling, you have a target on your back.

A traveler in a new place sticks out like a sore thumb, and criminals will always take advantage of these situations. A while back, various documentaries detailed the multiple security concerns faced by travelers.

Women especially attract the attention of most burglars and criminals. If you look around, you’ll find a significant number of rape, and sexual assault cases involve travelers. This is mostly because you’re in unfamiliar territory, making it easy for others to take advantage of you.

However, much as there are risks and threats from traveling alone as a woman, this shouldn’t scare you to give in to your sense of adventure, or even travel for business. If anything, it should alert you always to be aware of where you’re going, and always to have personal safety as our top priority.

As a woman, you’ll be more vulnerable in a new environment. However, with a few safety techniques and precautions, you’ll be the safest traveler in the region. There are various travel safety tips and techniques that will help you keep safe in any environment. These include;

1. Alert your family and friends where you’re going

Security experts advise that before and during your travel, you should always inform a close member of your family concerning your whereabouts. Additionally, check-in with friends and family regularly, that when you fail to check-in, they’ll immediately know something is wrong and notify the relevant authorities.

Whenever you’re attacked, or even kidnapped, the first thing the assailants will do is cut your communication to the outside world.

2. Be careful not to overshare information on social media

Traveling to Paris? You must get a picture next to the Eiffel Tower. However, this picture could land you in more trouble than you think.

Today, it’s easy to track someone using social media, and if you have someone preying on you, they could use the information you post to get to you.

You are advised never to share real-time information about where you are, or details revealing where you’re staying or headed to next.

Instead, take your photos at the Eiffel Tower, and when you’re on the train to Spain, share the images. This way, if someone is trailing you, they’ll be a few steps ahead.

3. Take measures into your hands

Finally, you need to be proactive about your safety. This means taking every action to ensure you’re safe, no matter where you travel to. Evidently, as a woman, you make an easier target for criminals. And whether you’re a student who just moved into a new dorm or apartment, or you’re traveling out for town for business, you’re more likely to get burglarized than the male counterparts.

What this means, then, is you always have to be alert and cautious. Additionally, you need to take practice measures to ensure your safety, and this includes having a personal alarm. The personal alarm should be easy to carry, whether you’re at home or in a hotel room.

The super door stop alarm is an example of an effective personal alarm gadget to keep with you at all times. When you purchase a super door stop alarm, you’ll be safer from any thieves and criminals.

After you purchase super door stop alarm, some of the turnkey features you’ll notice include;

• It’s a light and travel-friendly tool you can always have with you

• It needs very little power to operate

• It’s sensitive even to the smallest of disturbances on your door

• It has an anti-slide functionality to keep in steady and in place

• It has a 125 dB sound alarm to alert you and those near you of a possible attack

As a woman, there’s no place where you’ll really feel safe, seeing that criminals identify you as easy prey. If you’ve ever been the subject of an attack, you don’t have to be scared anymore. And if it has never happened to you, don’t wait until it’s too late, purchase a super door stop alarm and take the safety in your hands. No matter where you are, you’ll always be safe with the super door stop alarm.

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