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How Can You Guarantee That Your Child Is Safe With The Caregiver

Air Purifier Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

Working parents are searching online for solutions to monitoring a nanny or babysitter. So, how can you guarantee that your child is safe with the caregiver? The following story will provide parents some practical ideas utilizing today’s advanced surveillance technology…

Turning to covert hidden cameras has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made in the matter of security. I’m a busy mom juggling office work with family, and my hubby has left all matters concerning our children up to me.

I have 2 elementary school kids and a six-month-old baby girl. It’s tough being a working mother so it all came down to hiring a nanny for my youngest.

This was my very first time to do so considering that I was a full-time mom for my first two children. Despite that, I am not taking chances on my child’s safety. I asked my hubby to help me look for spy cameras online. He found disguised ones that looked like any other item you would find within the house.

It felt natural to put a carbon monoxide hidden camera with DVR within her room. It blended very well with the surroundings, as I made certain to put it inconspicuously to ensure that this color camera could monitor the nanny’s actions discreetly.

An air purifier hidden camera with DVR near the windows offered one more angle inside the baby’s room. There was no programming or software set up required to have the DVR function running. It captured images as soon as I took it out of its packaging.

Since my newborn loves to sleep to soft music playing within her quarters, I leave my boom box with the caregiver and instructions that she play the music my little girl loves.

Soon after I come home from work and see the nanny off, I immediately set out to view the video files saved to the SD cards that came with my surveillance cameras. At times, I view the footage on TV by simply connecting any of the cameras to it using the bundled RCA cables.

It turns out that I have a good and caring sitter under my ward. However, this will not prevent me from making use of secret hidden cameras to watch over my baby constantly while I am away.

The best spy cam to buy will feature a built-in dvr with motion sensor.

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