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How DIY Monitoring Video Cameras Safeguard Properties As Well As Loved Ones


You want to protect your family and property. But you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do it. That’s why DIY surveillance equipment and surveillance systems are so popular with today’s savy ¬†shopper. ¬†Also, shopping online for bundled complete systems will save you $100’s of dollars over buying security equipment individually.

The following story is shared by a property owner…

I spotted the light bulb at the corner of our roof when it ignited and the fire started. I quickly contacted my spouse, Shelly, on her mobile phone and then spotted her as well as our little girl, Aly, went out of the house carrying fire extinguishers.

I wasn’t even there. I was in Atlanta on business, within my hotel room, when I caught the fire starting through my laptop screen. If we did not have security cameras purchased online, I could not have spotted the fire that was started and been able to warn my spouse.

Security cameras are usually for safeguarding versus burglars. But security is not only guarding from break-ins. It is watching out for any king of peril to your house and loved ones.

Surveillance cameras are also utilized to check on family members in the home or staff at work. A lot of monitoring camera systems permit remote monitoring on the net, from anyplace in the world.

We’ve got a 4 channel wired digital video recording complete system. It possesses four day/night wired cameras connected by 4 100-foot video cables to a standalone 4-channel DVR. The integrated DVR features complete networking capability so we can watch real time action over the internet or play saved video back online.

The system has a 19-inch widescreen LCD display. Any person in the house can go look at it whenever to view exactly what all the surveillance cameras see.

For you to keep an eye on areas of the property our own 4-channel system doesn’t cover, we use a 24 IR weatherproof day/night bullet camera DVR system as well as a 56 IR weatherproof day/night bullet camera DVR system. The latter one caught all the drama. The day/night camera is mounted facing our house.

I contacted 911 soon after calling Shelly. Firefighters cam in minutes to be able to put the fire out but my spouse and daughter had beaten them to it. Our hidden surveillance cameras online mixed with Shelly and Aly’s speedy reaction to prevent tragedy just in time. And I still made my 7:00 p.m. business dinner.

Avoid the cost of monthly monitoring fees for a home security system that soon adds up over time. Our video security systems can be accessed remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world via a computer or 3G smart phone. So, you always know what’s going on while away from home and your family and property are safe.

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