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How Does A Stun Gun Work?

How Does A Stun Gun Work?

Readiness is the best self-defense strategy. We women should take readiness steps to keep ourselves safe from persons of malicious intent. That could mean joining a self-defense class, but if you are not ready for the commitment, carrying a non-lethal weapon with you can be life-saving. Stun guns have proven to be of dependable help for women in incidences of sexual assault.

How does a stun gun work?

Stun guns are non-lethal electroshock weapons that help disable aggressive persons by stopping their superficial muscle functions with a small electric shock. Unlike their close cousins, Tasers, stun guns work by contact and not firing. They are thus a self-defense and not an attack weapon.

Equip, empower and defend yourself as a woman

It’s advisable always to stay safe and protected wherever you go. Rape and associated gender crimes are hard to predict. You may never know where it will happen, or who will be the perpetrator, but having a concealed non-lethal weapon provides a quick way out of such a bad situation.

When dealing with an aggressive and bulkier individual trying to have their way with you, it can be hard to march that with feminine strength. A stun gun, in this case, can help you immobilize the attacker with a quick jab of voltage that leaves them too weakened to lift a finger against you.

These electroshock guns are made to rapidly transfer energy into the muscles of the attacker at a pulse rate that causes their muscles to work at an inefficient pace. The impact of shock, apart from immobilizing them, makes them disoriented and confused.

How does a stun gun work?

All it takes to get free from an attacker is 3 seconds of shock. The first few seconds startles and repels them. By the third second, the attacker is weak; he loses balance and becomes disoriented. Even so, the impact of the shock does not harm their vital organs. They will be just fine, and you will have the chance to get away and save yourself.

Voltage versus amps, how does a stun gun work?

When buying items like stun guns, you will hear a lot about voltages and amperage. Both these two are measures of electrical current, but focusing on one alone is not enough. Physicists believe that a current of 1000 volts is not any different from a current of 100 volts. What matters is the amount of charge in them. Most stun guns have a very high voltage but small amperage—and that is how they qualify to be called non-lethal weapons. They don’t cause permanent injuries.

Compact and concealable

Most stun gun models are so compact they can fit in the palm of your hands. You can carry them in your purse or in the pocket of your jeans without anyone noticing. You might appreciate the convenience of these small personal protection tools when you have to walk at night because of work, school, or social endeavors.

Stun guns versus Tasers

There are many similarities in the function of these two devices, but stun guns are not Tasers. The latter are devices mostly used by police to incapacitate attackers by firing probes at them. In many states where consumers are not allowed to carry or use Tasers, stun guns are allowed.

The Taser devices have a design that resembles a pistol. It is very easy to tell them apart from stun guns at a glance. Tasers are not as compact and concealable as stun guns. They work by shooting small barbed darts that puncture and remain hooked on the target. An electrical pulse is then transmitted through these darts to incapacitate the person. It might be hard to use these when an attacker is so close to you, and without them seeing.

How does a stun gun work differently from Tasers?

To use a stun gun on an assailant, you must hold the device against their body. Self-defense experts advise that you use it on their shoulders or hips because it’s hard for an attacker to quickly move these parts away, as opposed to a hand. Remember that you have to hold it against the assailant continuously for up to 3 seconds. If the person is larger, the effects of shock take long to kick in, and so you may need to hold the hot stun gun in place for longer.

Don’t become a victim, carry a stun gun.

Almost every state allows the possession and use of stun guns as a personal protection equipment. To be sure about the laws in your region, it would be ideal to investigate existing restrictions in the area. Contact your local police department for quick tips on stun gun information.

Even in states with laws and restrictions on stun guns, all that it takes to take charge of your safety and dignity is to get a permit. These permits allow you to carry a stun gun, just the way firearm permits work. In such states, you will be required to have the stun gun certificate with you every time you carry the non-lethal weapon in public spaces.

When you carry these small weapons, you can protect yourself from rape on campus or in the streets. Even the safest of neighborhoods sometimes have those shocking incidences. And other times, it is the person you never suspected would want to harm you. In both these scenarios, electroshock is your best line of defense.

How does a stun gun work when travelling?

When traveling, please ensure to pack the hot shot stun gun in your checked luggage. Don’t put it in your carry-on bag. The authorities might confiscate it if they find it in your carry-on bag. Just like handguns, you are not allowed to have this equipment in government buildings or the terminal areas of an airport.

Other best practices when carrying a stun gun

Carry it regularly: You never know when you might need it. You are safer with it close by, always.

Learn how to use it: You can only effectively defend yourself with a stun gun if you understand how it works and how best to use it against your attackers. Take time to train yourself and practice.

Understand stun gun laws: Some states demand that you get and carry a stun gun permit with you all the time. Please adhere to these stipulations, or your self-defense weapon will get confiscated. Always read and research on this topic.

Conceal it: Stun guns fall under the concealed weapons category. Don’t go brandishing it or using it on innocent members of the public. You will be in for major lawsuits and fines. It is better to keep it hidden until when you have to use it.

Always be aware of the situation: Situational awareness is the first lesson in self-defense. Its (stun gun) use is only as effective as your alertness when carrying it with you. Sometimes, the window of opportunity to use it and escape only comes once. Know when to use it.

Biology: How does a stun gun work?

Stun guns are safe for you (and the attacker for it doesn’t kill them). You can use these devices in situations that require quick action to neutralize an attacker. The hot shot stun gun works by keying into the nervous system and dumping electrical energy into their muscles at a high pulse frequency.

The introduction of current in the perp’s muscles at a high pulse causes rapid stimulation.

The effects will depend on the intensity of the current plus the muscle group on which it is used. At low amperage, the hot shot stun gun can only cause a tingling sensation.

If the current in the device is above 10 mA, and it is used on the flexor muscles, it causes sustained contraction. The result is either spams or total inability to move those muscles. The rapid muscle stimulation also depletes the persons of blood sugar; it all converts it to lactic acid in seconds.

The energy depletion leads to disorientation and loss of balance.

The result is that the attacker remains in a passive and confused state for several minutes. There is no damage caused to their vitals, but for you, that means that you have the precious minutes to make an escape or call the authorities.

How does a stun gun work for a woman?

Living alone as a single woman takes courage and confidence. You have to take charge of your safety. Stun guns are effective and safe. The electric shock transfers to the body of the assailant; it doesn’t harm you. And for the perpetrator, the effects of electroshock from a stun gun are usually temporary. The result is localized only to the specific muscle groups you target with the device.

We all have some fears when we think about electricity. It can be easy to associate stun guns with that fear. Perhaps it would be helpful to know that stun guns are one of the most rigorously tested and safe self-defense tools. Stun guns don’t kill, they have no kickback force, and they rarely malfunction. You are safer with them.

Stun guns are easier to learn

The workings of a stun gun are not complicated. It doesn’t involve going to a shooting range for months. Anyone can use a stun gun, even if you happen to be a petite woman. With a few days of practice, you will amass the muscle memory needed to handle an attacker and escape successfully.

How does a stun gun work?

Here are a few words of wisdom on the workings of a stun gun and how you can take advantage of these devices to safeguard yourself wherever you go.

1. Have it in your hand when walking in dimly lit areas at night: It might be hard to get the weapon out of your bag when an assault incidence is underway. When walking in these high-risk areas at night, it is better to have the stun gun in your hand. These places include a parking a garage or dangerous street.

Sometimes, all it takes to dissuade perpetrators is the visual confirmation that you have a weapon. Criminals often go for an easy target, and having your weapon ready does not make you one.

2. Use it when attacked: This is a self-defense tool. Don’t use it unprovoked. But when you are attacked, use it on muscle groups such as the back, chest or hips. These are large muscle groups that will bring down the victim in a matter of seconds. Please note, however, that this is not a ‘rule’ and is not etched in stone. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, simply use the device on the closest part of their body that you can reach.

3. Hold it in place: The longer you hold the shotgun on your attacker, the more effective the results. Two seconds don’t cut it. When they first feel the buzz of current in their body, they might jerk away in pain, but you have to hold it in place for a few seconds to disable them.

4. Make a run for it: When you have stunned the person long enough and dropped them on the ground, it’s your time to escape. But first you must take a few notes about them for when you report the incident to the police. If you are feeling courageous enough, take a look at their wallet for their ID and name.

Why is this last step necessary?

If a sexual attacker escapes, chances are they are going try that again on another person. You, therefore, must report it. Their next victim may not be as prepared as you. So, please get the assailants details and call the police.

How does a stun gun work?

The stun gun effect, what every woman deserves

1 in 3 women have experienced an incidence of sexual violence, according to the World Health Organization. These numbers show that the world may not be as safe as we imagine it to be. You need a fall back plan for when the worst happens. Nobody envisages being a victim of rape, but readiness and self-defense are vital either way. When the worst happens, you will have a way to save yourself.

Here are the convincing reasons to get you a stun gun

They are nonlethal

You can carry a stun gun to work, school, or home and not worry about fatal consequences when you use them. Stun guns don’t cause severe injuries, either. They work so differently from firearms. These weapons will become incredibly handiest when you find yourself alone and in an isolated place. Women self-defense experts often advise to carry a weapon like this when walking alone at night.

Stun guns are quick and reliable.

All it takes to take down a big attacker is to have them in contact with the prongs of the stun gun, then zap. In less than three seconds, they will be too weakened to harm you. There might never be a more powerful yet non-lethal self-defense weapon like these again. These devices are simply the best invention for women.

They are legal

In most states, you don’t need licensing to own or use a stun gun. If you can’t get a gun license for some reason, your best line of defense at home, at work, at school, or on the road is a stun gun. Even if you live in states that restrict their use, getting a permit for stun guns is often a straightforward process.

Disguised and handy

Stun gun designs are getting stylish and smaller. It is almost impossible for anyone to realize that you are carrying one. They can fit right in the back pocket or the purse. They are not cumbersome.

Some models of stun guns these days resemble flashlights or even phones. That’s good, because sometimes, it helps to keep your defense game plan hidden from an attacker. They only learn later on that it was a mistake to underestimate you.


Apart from pepper sprays, most other self-defense non-lethal weapons for women can be too costly. The high expense of a taser leaves many women vulnerable to attacks, especially young single women with no source of income. The good news is that stun guns cost less. They use rechargeable batteries, which also helps to reduce the cost of ownership.

How does a stun gun work at home?

Sometimes perverts follow us home, especially if you are a single woman living alone. If you have a stun gun in such an incident, you won’t feel entirely helpless. It could be just the loud cracking sound of these devices that dissuades attackers and makes them run for their lives.

Life is never the same again after a sexual assault…

The psychological implications of a rape incidence can last with you forever. Let’s not even talk about the risk of diseases and physical injuries. What you can do as a 21st-century woman is take charge of your safety. Arm yourself with a non-lethal self-defense weapon. Get a stun gun today. There is no excuse not to.

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