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How Parents Benefit from College Dorm Checklist

A parent’s perspective on keeping their daughter safe…

I couldn’t believe how the time had flown by.  My little girl who it seemed like just yesterday was in elementary school was now graduating from high school and heading off to start her college education.  I had a mixture of pride and nervousness because I didn’t know if she would be prepared for the challenges of living a life on campus.  So, I did a little research online and found this great college dorm checklist of stuff that every young woman like her should have when they are heading off to college for the first time.  Of course we had our own list of stuff that she would need like clothing and a computer, but this other checklist was much more important.

This was a list of all of the things that she would need to be safe while she was living on her own in a dorm room.  I studied the college dorm checklist for a little while before I talked to my daughter about it.  I wanted to go over the information first so I could explain to her exactly why she would need this stuff and how it would protect her.  She thinks that I worry too much but I know that she will need some self defense and safety products while she is living on her own.

So, I finally sat her down and explained to her about the dangers that she might face while she was there.  I told her about the products that I had found on the internet that would help prevent her from being attacked or being robbed while she was at college.  At first she was a little hesitant to listen but when I explained how all of these self defense products worked she started to pay a lot more attention to what I was saying.

Soon my daughter was going over this college dorm checklist with me and asking a lot of questions.  She was particularly interested in the pepper spray because she had never used something like that before.  I showed her how she could carry it on her key in order to have easy access to it while she was walking to her car at night or at any other time that she felt vulnerable.  Also, they had this book that looked like a safe that she could keep her valuables in.  We had never seen anything like that before and it looked really neat.  It was nice to know that things like money and credit cards could easily be hidden away to protect her from being robbed.  I can sleep so much better at night knowing that my daughter has these items on this checklist to protect her from harm.

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