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How Parents Protect Female College Students | Super Door Stop Alarm

How Parents Protect Female College Students | Super Door Stop Alarm

Urban Safety Solutions 120dB Super Door Stop Alarm is an easy-to-use attention-grabbing personal alarm that can be used to block a door from being forced open by intruders. Think colleges are totally safe for your daughters? Think again.

Statistics on college campus violence are bloodcurdling. One in 5 women is sexually violated on campus. Crime does take place every day on almost all college campuses across the nation. Sadly enough, while frat brothers are 300 percent more likely to rape, many rape victims’ complaints aren’t even taken seriously.

Everything on campuses seems to be designed to encourage rape culture from the alcohol serving frat parties to the upperclassmen-controlled spaces. And while you may trust your daughter’s common-sense in such situations, a desire to protect female college students should be one of your top priorities.


What Is A Super Door Stop Alarm?

A Super Door Stop Alarm is a portable, easy-to-install personal protection device. The user does not need knowledge of electrical concepts for a DIY installation. This is a simple battery-powered pressure-sensitive device that’s convenient in several ordeal scenarios:

1. Block college dorm apartment doors from being broken into

The Super Door Stop Alarm is the perfect device to protect female college students while they are in their college dorm room apartments. It can be placed on the inside of any inward-opening door to block intruders.

Any slight pressure on the door and the alarm sounds off to alert sleepers nearby of the crime. And as if the pressure sensors are not enough, the alarm also features a motion sensor that activates when tampered with. You can adjust the movement sensors to desirable sensitivity.

2. Can also be used as a Travel Alarm

The Super Door Stop Alarm is also convenient when backpacking or staying in unreliable hotel rooms where you have no idea who can access the room. Statistics indicate that single women are likely to be victims of violent acts, including sexual assault and rape, especially when out drinking or traveling alone and staying in dodgy hotels.

A Super Door Stop Alarm is not a weapon, so don’t fail to include it in your college daughter’s safety kit, thinking there are laws against the device. The alarm won’t harm the perpetrator; it only emits a 120dB siren to scare the intruder and draw attention to crime.

The alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery, not included in the package. On the back of the alarm, there’s an ON/OFF switch. The design also includes an indicator light for low battery levels.

Every female college student needs to be in a high state of awareness, amid the bizarre traditions and new experiences, things can get horrific really fast. Sadly, there are no courses on how to stay vigilant about personal safety. Please don’t let your daughters learn about the importance of personal safety the hard way; protect female college students by getting them non-lethal self-defense devices and personal alarm kits!

For more personal protection kits, check our site. We have a useful collection of personal protection devices to get you feeling like James Bond. From Missouri with Love!

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