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How Retail Shops Can Covertly Monitor For Employee Theft

Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera with DVR

The following story is another example of how a motion activated spy cam dvr can assist other business owners…

I walked in on my store manager once counting the days earnings with the cashier who was on the verge of tears. The money was not adding up. The super who had been in my employ for a long time couldn’t help but doubt the new checkout girl.

That was the evening I made a decision on using hidden dvr cameras as secret eyes inside my gift shop. I believe in the manager whose father had worked for my father even longer yet I was inclined to consider the cashier too according to body language. We had to consider the best spy cam to buy for monitoring the business and confirming suspected employee theft.

Only a disguised camera can find out the thief’s real identity in the situation. The idea was to set up a very unremarkable object, a wall clock hiding a video camera within in order that the culprit would be not aware that he can get busted.

For urgency sake, I went for a surveillance camera with a built-in DVR. Installation wasn’t required since it came ready to record. All I needed to do was position my wall clock hidden camera properly where cash was being counted.

A security camera I had that was pointed towards the cash register showed no signs of filching back then. It dawned on me then that the money boxes that travel from there to the supers office at the end of each workday was unaccounted for.

Since my wall clock hidden camera with dvr is motion-activated I possibly could leave it to start off recording as soon as triggered by activity. Via motion detection area masking, its view can be blocked partly to ensure that unimportant action such as that of household pets doesn’t set recording off.

I just needed to place the free 8GB SD card into the computer or a compatible card reader to see the footage. Alternatively I could connect the camera to the tv or similar monitor making use of the provided RCA cable.

My spy camera revealed another personnel delivering the managers dinner and then pocketing change from the cashbox while within the room. I have since put in hidden dvr cameras at all my places of business and in my house.

Many consider an office hidden camera dvr the  best way to confirm suspected employee theft and is an affordable alternative to expensive security systems.


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