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How Single Mothers Can Monitor Their Babysitter

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

Today, there’s an easy solution to monitoring the babysitter in your home as this single mom explains…

I am a single mother of 2 children. As much as I would want to be a hands-on mom, I need to work long hours. I have no idea precisely how other moms do this but I could never have sufficient time for both my youngsters as well as my work. While I usually stay late in the office, I devote most of the time being concerned about my children’s protection.

Lately, on top of hiring a nanny, I decided to get a hidden surveillance camera in order that I could monitor her every move around my children. It would be the best way for me to monitor my kids whenever I was out.

Now, it has always been a tendency of mine to inquire around just before I select what item to purchase.

My boss, a mother herself, recounted that a nanny camera within a working alarm clock had uncovered her babysitter’s lax behavior. Considering that her alarm clock hidden video camera had a built-in DVR, she did not need to be concerned about having to set up the device because it worked as easily as a plug and play gadget.

I met another single mother during Parent-Teachers Association meeting, who started telling me about her own nanny’s inappropriate behavior which had been captured on video.

As I truly planned to set up the spy video camera┬áin my children’t room, I figured a clothes hook covert video camera with motion-activated video recording would be the best fit. If I set to record only once movement was discovered, it would eliminate the need for me to screen through blank hours of video recordings.

She used a security camera which doubled as a fully functional wall clock. Since this wall clock concealed video camera was a wireless camera, she did not have to deal with cabling problems that seemed all too difficult.

Advanced surveillance technology can be disguised as everyday household and office products.

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