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How To Always Keep Dressing Rooms Free Of Spy Cameras

Lens Finder Bug Detector

When our own varsity swim team went to another school to compete I believe my teammate Michelle went a little overboard. She went around our dressing room peering through this little device with red LED lights and said that it was a hidden camera finder and bug detector.

We all pondered if stress was making her a lot more paranoid. However, she took our teasing in good stride and rather shook her head at us said that just because we were in school did not imply that nobody was listening in or watching.

She didn’t locate any bugs there but she did make me aware about the many other surveillance video cameras around. They are designed to make school a more secure place however with numerous high-tech gadgets today I can’t help but think of numerous ways to misuse was well as abuse one.

To look for a spy cam you just switch on the flashing LED lights and peek through the lens. In the even that there is any kind of security camera around this will show up through the lens as a bright red dot.

In case I am trying to discover a wireless camera or perhaps a wireless listening gadget I simply switch on the receiver and wave it around the room. Virtually anything which transmits an RF signal is going to be detected and the indicator lights will go up or down based on where the signal is.

So in case that tissue paper box is making the signal lights go off the scale thing again if it is actually only tissue paper box.

Later on we visited a clothes shop and Michelle told me to go to fitting room number 4 and scan it. The moment I located a video camera within a clothes hook I understood exactly how essential this would be for every woman to own a hidden camera locator just like hers.

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