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How To Apply Video SecurityTechnology In A Successful Business


When you have a successful operation, you need to stay above things even with trustworthy individuals inside your team. That is exactly what I came to understand from Sonia as well as Jared, that run an export/import business. With a huge warehouse for holding valuable merchandise, the couple opted for an online video camera system to help check the business.

Security equipment have grown to be important for security reasons. My close friends which manage millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise have to keep an eye on as much of the business and their workers as possible.

They agreed a system which could be monitored wherever they were at any time was the most suitable choice. They settled with a 16 channel wireless DVR complete monitoring system. The size of the space that needs watching is large thus numerous video cameras were needed.

Sonia’s pick came with 4 wireless cams and also 12 wired cameras which cold be mounted in the office as well as a number of strategic places of the storage facility. Setup had been made simple using the standalone DVR that allows recording without extra computer software. It is almost like plug and play once the spy video cameras are in place.

The system included 100-foot cables for each of the wired cams and 2.4 GHz receivers for the wireless cameras. Jared said the day/night cams adjust whenever lighting is low to take clear images.

Both can monitor key areas from their office, in which a 19-inch monitor permits viewing. As the embedded DVR allows videos be accessed via the Internet, and via iPhones or Android mobile phones, they can look at these at home or while away on trips.

This is a monitoring system that helped capture a couple of staff aiming to spirit away 10,000 dollars’ worth of products, the footage of which they saw on replay upon getting out of bed the next day. The cops did not have a tough time recovering the goods as well as capturing the offenders.

I now see the value of having an online camera in the workplace, especially when operating a multimillion-dollar business.

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