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How To Catch Vandals And Thieves In The Act


The following story is an effective method of catching criminals in the act…

My Auntie Millie has precious possessions: her cacti and flowers. Her lawn is an attraction so I can imagine how devastated she must have been when she woke one morning to find her summer flowers trampled upon as well as a cactus plant knocked down from its perch. She might be sweet and also gentle however, with regards to her plants, nobody messes with Auntie Millie.

She needed little prodding to listen to my dad as he recommended security video cameras to be able to keep an eye on activity inside her lawn and capture vandals or crooks or just keep an eye on her property the moment she was out or asleep. The best surveillance camera is helpful both in the home and for business.

Dad said Auntie Millie could select a day/night camera for the 24-hour monitoring of her property as well as her flowers. Surveillance cams, he mentioned, were already excellent deterrents against criminals.

You can find low-light cams which are ideal for dimly lit locations, especially at night. These are still capable of recording clear visuals even with dark shadows coming from trees or shrubbery, dad explained.

“So let’s cut to the chase and tell me precisely what I ought to obtain,” Aunt Millie said. Dad went with a high resolution day/night color video camera with 540 TV lines and a wide-angle lens for 2 reasons: it is water-resistant, so it is suitable for use outdoors, and its 56 IR LEDs allow the surveillance video camera to pick up images from a distance of around one hundred fifty feet.

the day soon after the day/night video camera was installed, my auntie called my daddy with some news. She captured the flower vandal, thanks to her monitoring equipment. And, as a coward, cops also captured a burglar hiding inside her neighbor’s yard because the wide-angle lens caught his image clearly.

“So, who trampled on your flowers,” Daddy asked her. Two skunks rummaging for food that were running toward the backyard were the perpetrators.

For Auntie Millie, the best surveillance camera simply had to be one which would clear up the mystery of her flower vandals.

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