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How To Covertly Record Criminal Activity To Prevent An Abduction

Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR

Law abiding citizens can secretly record criminal activity and prevent possible abduction…

In all honesty, recording video undercover wasn’t my cup of tea until one incident helped open my head about its advantage, even when I was at ease with its seeming to be an invasion of privacy. By using a covert camera, my child was able to save a female pal from becoming exploited by college jocks.

A handheld security camera is ideal for gathering evidence or proof of wrongdoing being committed or planned that can lead to injuring another person. James acquired a hidden video camera pen with built in DVR for kicks however it ended up being a lifesaver.

He was passing time within a bar the moment he overheard 3 drunk jocks discussing a plan to snatch a buddy of his and molest her. My boy obviously panicked however was sober enough to remember his handy surveillance video camera stuck to his own shirt pocket.

James understood, even with a tiny lens, the covert camera had a powerful DVR which was prepared to record video footage and audio at the push of a button. No reason to set up or install any software to have it running. And to review or download recording, he simply had to use his laptop’s high-speed USB port.

The jocks were over 15 feet away however James moved nearer to their own table to better catch the voices amid other disturbance. His own surveillance video camera could store two hours worth of video recordings yet he didn’t require that long.

Half an hour later, he returned to the dormitory, watched the recording and was shocked at its clearness, including the audio. Considering that the nanny cam also doubled as thumb drive, he saved a compressed file and searched for his good friend.

Hannah was expectantly surprised when showed the video recordings and worried. However James offered to be with her always and proposed they show the clip to the authorities.

The guys did try to execute their plan just as law enforcement officers drove by. James discreetly recording video footage was an essential key to preventing a crime from occurring.

Hidden cameras are ideal for monitoring nannies, babysitters, elderly caregivers and household workers such as maids and plumbers.

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