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How To Ensure The Safety Of Guests By Using Surveillance Devices

When we decided to host a local fund raising event, we overestimated the volume of people who would be attending. Our IT team arranged to have a 3rd party contractor take care of the security but they backed out just days before the event.

With time running out, I understood I needed to act fast. Our IT folks were already busy managing other systems, so I made things less difficult for everybody by getting a 16 channel wired DVR complete surveillance system on the internet.

A surveillance camera system includes everything that you need to get started with monitoring. Ours included 16 cameras, a standalone 16-channel DVR and every cable and accessory needed to set up a working surveillance system.

The setup furnished wired cameras to ensure that we wouldn’t have problems with batteries. It also came with over 100 feet of cable to wire up the security cameras. The embedded DVR which was provided uses a hard drive for storage and allows you to watch live video on the net no matter where you are located.

We first made sure to cover our party room, that is big enough to seat more than 100 people, with room to spare. All 16 were bullet cameras, and were developed to be inconspicuous and fit into the tight corners of our room.

The next place which we covered was the staging area situated behind the party room. It is meant to act as a lounge for the hosts and also speakers. The theatrical lighting brought about no problem for the day/night cameras, which could work whether it was bright or dark.

Last, but not least, we covered the doorway to the venue itself. The organizers particularly requested that we keep an eye on the entrance to be able to ensure that the greeter they hired was doing his job.

Our 16 channel wired DVR complete surveillance system saved us from a potential disaster and helped keep the function safe for everyone. Since it came with everything that was required for monitoring, we were able to get the system set up in record time.

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