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How To Ensure Your Privacy At Hotels And Bathrooms

Lens Finder Bug Detector

There have been countless news media reports of  perverted creeps invading the privacy of women with covert hidden cameras. These spy cams have been discovered in areas where privacy is usually expected such as bathrooms, public restrooms, changing rooms, fitting rooms, tanning salons and hotels. The following tips will explain how to ensure your privacy at hotels utilizing a portable electronic bug sweeper and spy cam detector.

Before I left California for a backpacking vacation across Asia a colleague lent me her hidden camera detector to make sure that I could check if the rooms that I would be leasing were safe and private. She insisted that finding hidden cameras and bugs needs to be my main concern to guarantee my safety.

When I asked her about this she reminded me of the famous television personality who became a victim of voyeurism within a hotel room. The offender had recorded video during the victims private time and unfortunately the footage was shared on the net.

The news made my buddy realize that travelers must be vigilant in making sure that there is utmost privacy within the hotel room which led to her purchasing a wired or wireless camera multifunctional detector.

Her spy camera tracker is very light. Actually it can fit within a handbag for easy handling and use. The manual said that it has a range of 1 MHz to 6 GHz and employs a laser frequency visual detection system.

To operate the user just looks through its viewing hole while scanning the area. Once it detects a hidden camera a red flash appears to show the cams location.

You switch the control into RF mode to be able to scan the place for wireless bugs and then walk throughout the place while waving the unit around. As soon as it discovers an electronic bug it produces a sound and makes a vibrating motion to indicate that it has found one.

When I went within my hotel in Thailand I fished the bug detector out of my messenger bag right away in order to check out for mechanical bugs. I carried out this routing each and every time that I moved from one Asian country to another.

Using the lens finder bug detector helped me feel safe all throughout my holiday getaway. Now that I am intending to go around Europe I will make certain to have my very own bug detector and spy camera tracker to make it easier finding hidden cameras and have peace of mind my privacy is safe.

Today’s advanced counter-surveillance technology is very affordable and sleek compact design makes it very portable. Knowing how to ensure your privacy at hotels, will protect you from being victimized by perverted creeps.

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