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How To Ensure Your Privacy With Anti Spy Gear For Women

Lens Finder Bug Detector

It’s disturbing to learn from news media reports how unsuspecting women are having their privacy invaded by perverted creeps.

With today’s technology, protecting your own privacy is a huge job. You could try out stuff on inside a fitting area and pretty soon you’re the next Internet porn celebrity.

My friends and I fantasized regarding being able to score a gadget which made it simpler for women find hidden video cameras in ladies’ rooms, fitting rooms, hotel rooms, gyms, spas, even their own workplaces. During grandma’s period, guys would wear mirrors on their shoes in order to peep beneath a lady’s skirt. Currently, all of them are adult and hiding bugs as well as spy cameras everywhere.

I try to wait right up until I get to the bug-free safety of my very own restroom however, one day inside a cafe, I really had to go. A woman then whipped out a handheld tool and scanned the entire ladies’ room with it. She stated, “Don’t worry, ladies, my lens finder bug detector tells me there are no hidden video cameras in here.”

I needed to Google her own bug detector device. I learned that this catches covert cameras and also microphones by simply detecting the frequencies coming from these kinds of gadgets. One utilizes laser frequency visual detection technology and can easily sense the wide band radio frequency of wireless audio and video transmitters.

When you look over its viewing port, you will see any kind of covert camera lenses within ten feet flash red. Slide its control switch towards rf setting and you can detect the frequency of wireless gadget with it.

The bug tracker possesses four LEDs that indicate its signal strength, which it likewise indicates through sound and also vibration. It also features a silent detection mode. You can change how far it can sense bugs and also spy video cameras. This kind of spy camera detector shows the detection of frequencies from 1 MHz to 6 GHz with an audible or vibrating alert.

Wow. High-tech. And you can carry it in your own handbag or pocket.

But, come to think of it, why must a gadget that helps girls find hidden cameras seem so advanced as well as unreachable in this day and age? It is the very same technology behind the hidden cameras which violate your privacy in the first place.

Women can effectively safeguard themselves from spy cams by using an affordable counter surveillance device such as a lens finder bug detector. I continue to share with others how to ensure your privacy with anti spy gear for women.

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