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How To Find Hidden Cameras In Your Office

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Spy cameras can be very difficult to locate without bug sweeping equipment. Generally speaking, you just walk into a room with the camera and bug detector in your hand, then wave it around the move in a sweeping manner. A bug sweeping device is imperative for any person or business that wants to safeguard privacy and personal data. How to find hidden cameras in your office is much easier with a bug sweeping device such as the lens finder bug detector.

The following business used a counter-surveillance device such as the lens finder bug detector to locate suspected electronics bugs in the office…

Our largest rival appeared to be stealing our ideas and coming out with them first. I was really positive that there was a mole among my employees. I launched a surveillance activity privately on those whom I assumed of double-crossing me but nothing showed up.

This had me believe that there must have been electronic bugs lurking inside my office. I realized then that I had to know how to find hidden camera devices inside those four walls without making the error of by passing one.

Right away I got hold of bug detector that could detect any wireless audio or video product which might have been placed in some corner of my office. These may have been small bugs which were undetectable to the untrained eye.

Given that I couldn’t depend on just my eyes, I went with my gut feeling too with a wired or wireless camera multifunctional detector. It could sweep out wide band radio frequency bugs making use of modern laser frequency visual detection approaches.

At first I refused to believe that someone whom I trusted could sell my company and me out. It made me sad to accept that this was a probability regardless of how I tried to deny it.

I may not like what I would find but I had to accept the truth. Via the LCD monitor of a frequency counter bug detector which I further used, I could determine the precise frequency of any electronic bug that would be present.

While I was having a handheld bug detector sweep every nook and cranny, its built-in signal strength meter started displaying signs of a bug. It spotted one within a vase which was put into the center of the conference table. Later on it discovered another three concealed below my office chair behind the flowerpot and under the coffee tray.

I was appalled at the great lengths that my rivals would go to in order to spy on me. Unfortunately for them I learned how to find hidden camera gadgets just in time to save my company from what could have been a devastating financial crisis.

The lens finder bug detector is an affordable solution for any person or business that suspects  spy cameras may be covertly recording. Bug sweeping devices makes it much easier to find hidden cameras in your office.

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