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How To Keep An Eye On Shady Activities Inside And Outside Your Household

We found it very hard to find tranquility in a busy neighborhood. Being newcomers we could not rest through the night fearing that a trespassing might take place.

So we decided that several security measures were called for. The very first thing which I did was have a look at a Voice Alert home and driveway alarm. With that I discovered that a voice alarm system detects as well as notifies homeowners of unfolding activity.

We could no longer ignore our need for a home security alarm soon after my better half noticed a suspicious-looking stranger stopping by our front gate several times. Considering that she could not possibly keep a constant watch we figured that an annunciator system would resolve our problem.

Using a voice-alarming device I can make use of my very own voice as the alert sound. Were making use of ours not just to sense housebreaking activities but also detect any unwanted movement in the yard. We do not want for instance kids and pets messing about in the garden.

The Voice Alert System-6 which we have obtained provided wireless PIR sensors with transmitters to secure different areas in a location. It could send a signal to a speaker base unit from as much as 300 feet if blocked by walls and up to a thousand feet in an open space. It holds a maximum of six messages that I could assign to every covered zone.

We have ensured that all entrances and exits inside our home are protected. When activity is discovered in any of the covered zone the assigned recorded message will inform us of that.

Furthermore we utilize the annunciator system to keep an eye on the location of our toddler. If he is able to slip outside the door the alarm acts as a guard to let us find out what he is up to.

We owe our good sleep to our voice alarm setup. It was lucky that I came across the Voice Alert home and driveway alarm. For another I have found that an annunciator system can be connected to any sensing gadget increasing our awareness to all types of movements in our house that require urgent attention.

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