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How To Make Certain That Your Roommates Can Be Trusted


How to make certain that your roommates can be trusted is an unpleasant thought but the situation the following person found themselves in required immediate action…

My very own finances took a serious hit following the sales of my small shop continued to decrease throughout the economic crisis. For that reason, I needed to take in a roommate to be able to help me in my monthly rent. I had known my roommate ever since fashion school. She was totally trustworthy in my opinion.

So, several weeks later, when a few of my designs started to get lost in my room, I was totally clueless as to what to do. My elder sister stated that she had been making use of hidden DVR cameras to keep her residence protected. She advised me to look into that option as well. I often wondered where can I buy spy gear online.

Afterward, she even saved me the trouble of searching for a gadget. She gave me an iPod hidden camera DVR dock station as a gift for my birthday celebration.

I was in awe of her present. The device was an alarm clock, an AM/FM radio, as well as an iPod music player and charger. On top of it, and more importantly, it offered a spy camera which was concealed inside. Many business owners already us an office hidden camera dvr to monitor productivity and confirm suspected acts of employee theft.

This iPod hidden camera with built-in DVR has a number of features. At first, I thought that I would not get it to work the manner I wanted it to.

I was completely wrong, as both the alarm and also iPod dock station work just like any normal alarm clock and music player are expected to. I can further use the remote control which was included with the package.

A quick glance at the manual told me that this surveillance camera required no special switches and controls. Video footage coming from the iPod hidden camera with built-in DVR may be accessed either via the usage of the provided RCA TV/monitor connector or by connecting the provided SD card into the PC.

Admittedly, I am a novice at using hidden DVR cameras and other such devices, but operating my very own device has actually been a piece of cake. I’m yet to find out the secret regarding my missing designs yet it is safe to say that I have got all eyes on it.

A motion activated spy camera such as a teddy bear hidden camera dvr will confirm suspected theft or vandalism by a entrusted roommate.

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