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How To Minimize Security Risk And Other Dangers Within A Building


There are effective steps that can be taken to minimize security risk and other hazards within a building…

Charlie, working at the third-floor law office in our old building, realized a while back that utilizing the stairs wasn’t the healthy choice. He got robbed, terribly beaten and also stabbed within the stairwell. The janitor spotted him stumble out the second-floor exit and collapse from a loss of blood. Security called 911 and Charlie made it through however his own attacker got away.

Our building’s old surveillance cameras merely covered the entrances and also exits and we could not tell for certain who had attacked Charlie in the blurry video recordings of people coming also going. So, we set up surveillance cameras with DVR to be able to cover every part of the building, including the stairwell.

Monitoring cams are mostly for security however could check personnel at work or the youngsters at home. A lot of security cams even allow monitoring from distant locations. We now utilize wired and wireless security camera systems equipped with multi-channel DVRs plus all the components and peripherals they require.

These complete systems eliminate the hassle of purchasing components individually or finding out which kinds to get, which wastes time as well as money.

A 16 channel wireless DVR system now watches over the corridors. It possesses 16 day/night color video cameras for digital recording and a standalone embedded DVR which allows remote monitoring and also video playback online. This has 12 wired cameras and 4 wireless ones. Wired video cameras have an interrupted power source while wire free cameras are simpler to install or transfer.

The package includes twelve 100-foot video cables, four 2.4 GHz video receivers as well as a 19-inch widescreen LCD screen.

Gratefully,  many employers are installing additional security cameras and covert recording devices to monitor for suspicious activity.

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