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How To Monitor Your Business For Thieves And Unproductive Workers


Today’s  DIY video security technology can be employed almost anywhere as the following story details…

Horse rustlers strike once more. And my Uncle Steve was uneasy his precious mare might be a target. Daddy recommended he set up wireless surveillance camera system within the ranch as a precautionary measure. Ranch operations did not preclude the usage of technology, father insisted, particularly in guarding property.

I know about surveillance video cameras. Back in the city, dad’s warehouse is equipped with them. This way, he can keep close track of the place, checking in case any individual among his people is taking part in some shady activity, or just to monitor the property particularly at night despite a guard present.

The ranch is much bigger than the storage facility but my uncle could make do with a simple surveillance system. Primarily, he needed to set up surveillance cams in the stable where the horses were housed. With its 2 exits, the exact same number of wire free video cameras can be set up.

Uncle Steve’s biggest worry was his fear of technology. But daddy assured him a standalone USB DVR which could cater to a number of cameras could be set up in five minutes even by a non-techie person. When it was connected to a screen, he could look at video recordings and constantly keep an eye on his own horses.

Dad suggested a 4 channel wireless USB DVR monitoring system for the ranch. Besides the two bullet cams which could be set up within the stable, 2 more could be set up somewhere else in the ranch to have much more eyes around his property.

In order to send images for viewing, each wireless camera included a 2.4 GHz video receiver. These day/night bullet cameras are discreet however adjust to readily available light so, even when in the dark, Uncle Steve would still get clear black and white video footage.

His interest for horses and also his ranch operations swayed my uncle to get the surveillance devices. He admitted it was a sensible investment and would minimize his concerns about horse rustlers.

Apparently, various other ranch owners were checking out wireless surveillance cameras, also. They agreed with Uncle Steve’s choice to go high-tech in protecting their properties.

There are a variety of applications for wireless video security that we haven’t seriously considered before now.

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