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How To Protect Yourself Against Monitoring Devices

Lens Finder Bug Detector

There’s an effective way to to ensure your privacy is not being violated by digital perverts…

“Do you know how to check for concealed microphones“? Stan asked me. I raised my eyebrow at the question, however my own friend seemed really serious. I never imagined Stan was the type to get bugged, however what do I know? It is much better to become safe than sorry.

A bug detector was the answer to Stan’s concern. This is a counter-surveillance gadget which can sense concealed cams or microphones. “Why do you believe someone has you bugged?” I inquired Stan. My good friend was working on something confidential, and felt he was being monitored.

Two times, he was tailed – one, to a lunch meeting, and the other, from work towards his house. Now, he felt there was a bug just about everywhere. I decided to get in touch with my sibling, Ed, which knows concerning these stuff. He proposed that Stan get a lens finder bug detector.

This is a handy, pocket-sized gizmo which may be used to be able to sweep an area you think to be bugged, like the vehicle, a room or even a public place. This makes use of laser frequency technology to check for either wired or wire free cameras. the bug tracker works within a 10-foot range, and if this finds a video camera lens, a red light is going to flash.

For audio bugs, changing to radio frequency setting can help determine the presence of a recording device. Stan lost almost no time obtaining the spy camera detector, and we began inside his own office. Wow. The LED indicator was moving as the device swept over his telephone. Strike one.

At the parking lot, we used the viewing port first and watched if the laser would pick up any lens. It was negative so Stan switched to RF mode. He virtually dropped the bug finder because of the vibration. Strike two.

Stan stated hew would do it himself the instant he arrived home, and later reported a third bug was detected. We called Ed for a recommendation of someone to clear out the spy equipment.

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