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How To Protect Yourself From Perverts With Hidden Video Cameras

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Today, there are endless news reports about hidden cameras being discovered in inappropriate places such as female public restrooms  and dressing areas. There is technology available today to protect women from being victimized by digital perverts.

My pop is a security freak. When I was younger, I realized he got an inclination to become paranoid, constantly imagining another person was monitoring us and our every single action. I regularly believed this silly, particularly when dad mentioned searching for bugs in the house, automobile and even school. My siblings and also I usually laughed concerning this however dad stated we ought to be knowledgeable and know how to check for covert cameras.

Bug locators are counter-surveillance items aimed at tracking as well as confirming the presence of hidden cameras as well as microphones which have been set up, possibly with malicious intent. Father certainly is happier with these kinds of systems now.

The moment my sibling as well as I went to college and decided to live in an apartment, dad was determined on sweeping the place just before we relocated. He was very happy to accomplish this since it was the very first time he’d be utilizing a lens finder bug detector.

It can detect both wired and wireless hidden cams using either laser or radio frequency. My sibling couldn’t help rolling his own eyeballs as father went about making use of his new toy.

On the laser frequency detection setting, he gazed through a specially focused viewing port. If there were a hidden video camera inside 10 feet, then the lens is going to flash red and give its location away.

Not satisfied, dad changed the control to wireless detection using radio frequency and began waving the device around the apartment. If there have been bugs inside the premises, then this would give a sound off or vibrate due to the radio waves.

He was actually crestfallen the moment nothing came up during his bug hunting exercise. However he insisted on leaving behind the bug detector around so we could carry out a sweep on a regular basis. Father added we could carry them to school and check for spy cams within the toilet or gym locker rooms.

We do value dad’s concern and this is also to our own benefit that he showed us how to check for hidden cameras for own security.

Compact concealed camera detectors will prevent you from being unknowingly video recorded and discovering later after a perverted creep has posted you all over the Internet.

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