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How To Strengthen The Security Of Your Store In An Inexpensive But Effective Manner

Getting information that your dry goods store had been robbed considerably is not the type of thing you forget about easily. This is not to mention that the masked perpetrators knocked a night guard out and tied 2 live-in helpers up to ransack my establishment.

On top of needing to recapitalize my small business I spent on a security system at once and then needed to scrounge off personal moneys to build hidden camera surveillance from scratch. These two things needed to be done in order to spare my shop from a repeat.

In the beginning I leafed through monitoring camera systems on the internet seeing that my operation was going to require several security camera. IP cameras which let you view video over the internet were ones to ogle as were complete DVR systems.

The packaged costs were truly desirable too but I just was stone-broke at the time. So I found a great cheap solution in a USB plug-in DVR. Literally you slot the little portable recording gadget into a USB port on your computer et voil´┐Ż!

Within a good 5 minutes the USB DVR was ready to start recording videos captured by a video camera hooked up to the hard drive. I already had one and managed to procure three more as it supported 4 at most piecemeal as the dough came along.

I economized further by getting board cameras in order to hide in commonplace things in order to watch the site furtively. Just like the Wi-Fi hidden cameras that I fancied my DVR allowed me to see live and also recorded videos from anyplace that had Internet access.

As added bonuses this USB DVR has pan tilt zoom features and can file footage to hard disk drives USB disks removable Zip drives and rewritable CDs. So when photographs of suspects were released I logged into an IP address to check these against footage.

I thought one of those photos from the police looked familiar. My decision to build hidden camera video files enabled me to link the mug to a live-in worker who got injured during the heist. We eventually uncovered the connivance which had occurred.

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