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How To Thwart Digital Peeping Toms That Stalk Women In Restrooms

Lens Finder Bug Detector

There’s technology available that effectively thwarts digital peeping toms that stalk women…

“Wait, what is a covert video camera detector doing on your own desk?” Darla whispered. She understood the tiny device which fit in a pocket or handbag was a bug detector since I had provided her a photograph on the internet. But she never really thought I would purchase one.

Just as there are surveillance video cameras to keep track of people, at times maliciousely, you can find bug detectors to counter these monitoring machines including concealed microphones, I discussed to Darla. And I got suspicious there was a conceale camera within the ladies’ room. With a bug locator, I wanted to know.

“There is a high-tech peeping tom every time all of us use the bathroom and you didn’t let me know?” Darla shrieked. I shushed her and said I often felt being monitored whenever I was inside the bathroom. I would look into the cubicles but nothing, but the eerie feeling wouldn’t go away. Thus, I began to think it was another method of being monitored.

My lens finder bug detector would help confirm my very own suspicions. It was a wired or wireless video camera multifunctional detector that takes advantage of the latest laser frequency visual detection method or radio frequency to determine the presence of concealed video cameras in a particular location.

I informed Darla any kind of camera lenses inside a 10-foot range would flash red if I utilized the specially focused viewing interface. That was if I was alone in the bathroom. Otherwise, I can wave it around and allow the RF function take control.

I moved out to head to the ladies’ room, bug locator readily available. I place this to silent detection mode and would be notified with a vibrate signal in the event that it was affirmative. I was on my own and went with the viewing port focusing on the ceiling.

I nearly jumped when I caught the red flash overhead. I was correct! Someone was playing dirty with the women in the building. The building administrator had better move his butt fast before all hell broke loose.

Darla found me smiling the moment I returned. “What is a hidden camera detector good for, you ask? I informed her, “It is to blind peeping toms.”

Laser frequency visual detection will instantly alert the user when a concealed camera or hidden microphone is detected in a room.


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