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How To Use A Disguised Stun Gun Efficiently

As a self-defense weapon a lipstick stun gun would be perfect for females since it is a masked stun gun. That is it appears deceptively like lipstick. Stun guns are all non fatal and will not cause just about any lasting effects to an assailant.

A stun gun works to incapacitate an assailant in the short term by giving electric shock right to the attackers body. As soon as he is hit you will have several minutes to get away and seek for help.

Disguised stun guns are competent at giving you the element of surprise. Think about it who would feel that a very simple tube of lipstick is actually a stun gun in disguise?

A lipstick stun gun is extremely handy due to its small size that is typically within the 3-inch range. You can place it in your purse or conceal it inside your pocket for easier reach in emergency conditions.

Lipsticks pretending to be stun guns come with different specifications. A disguised stun gun that is also really practical would have a rechargeable built-in battery having an integrated charge just like Stun Masters line of high voltage rechargeable lipstick stun guns.

Excellent disguised stun guns are also incorporated with 2 handy buttons. One button is good for switching on the stun gun while the other button is for switching on a flashlight. In this context a lipstick stun gun with a built-in flashlight is further among the finest choices given that undoubtedly nearly all assaults take place soon after evening falls.

Furthermore one more handy characteristic that you will want your mini stun gun to own is a disable pin. Such a pin is usually connected to a wrist strap and found at the bottom part of a lipstick stun gun.

This important feature is utilized to avoid even a high voltage stun gun from working when a wrongdoer gets a hold of your unit. When this happens the attached disable pin will be pulled out instantly once the stun gun is taken away from your grasp.

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