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How To Use Pepper Spray and Defensive Spray

Defensive sprays such as pepper spray, Mace pepper gel, Wildfire pepper spray, Wildfire pepper gel and Pepper Shot, are extremely effective against an attacker when used correctly.

If you are attacked, draw your Wildfire pepper spray and fire a stream into their face.  This can be done while remaining a few feet outside of their reach; a major benefit in escaping an attack.

The best way to use the pepper spray is to keep the pepper spray closer to your body. You usually see people use pepper spray with the arm fully extended.  This may give the attacker a chance to grab the pepper spray or deflect you aim. Keep it closer to your body and fire into the eyes of your attacker.  You can adjust your aim as you are firing.

After firing your pepper spray or gel  into the attacker’s face, back up, if the attacker follows, spray him again.  Even if they are under the influence of drugs, the pepper spray will temporarily blind them and make breathing difficult.

Remember, the aim is to escape, not to fight or to stick around and punish the attacker, he may have accomplices or he may have a hidden weapon.  So, spray the Wildfire pepper spray,Mace pepper gel or Pepper Shot and then run away.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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