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How You Can Assure Your Kids Are Safe Together With The Nanny

Air Purifier Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

My husband and I were saddened by the leaving of our trusted nanny who was off to do her own business. We were able to find a replacement however unsurprisingly we did not feel very comfortable regarding leaving her alone with the kids.

Our childrens safety was not a thing that we were going to leave up to fate. So we went ahead and purchased a hidden camera for home surveillance to ensure that our kids are being treated and taken care of correctly.

Hidden cameras are for spying unobtrusively on activity taking place in any house. They are perfect for catching any individual doing something they should not. With one we set out to discover if the new nanny was mistreating our kids.

We selected an air purifier hidden camera with built-in DVR. We felt that it would blend in and go undetected especially since it is also a fully functional air purifier. Secret cameras are disguised to appear like plain-looking household items so that no person would suspect that they are being viewed.

The air purifier hidden camera that we acquired is equipped for motion-activated recording so it commences recording whenever motion is found. I like this function mainly because we dont have to watch many hours of uneventful footage.

It also has motion detection area masking which helps prevent predictable actions such as from a pet dog from triggering the motion detector. This function enables the bottom part of the cameras area of vision to be masked in order that no recording ensues.

With a DVR built into this air purifier spy camera no installation is necessary seeing as it includes a recording unit. Attaching the camera to a TV or screen with the RCA cable included will allow playback. One more method is to stick the SD card supplied into the memory card reader on a computer.

Having a hidden camera for home protection helps my husband and I feel much more confident about leaving a new nanny along with the children. We will be more at peace realizing that our kids are safe and sound.

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