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How You Can Keep Track Of Loved Ones And Pets With Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Tracker


There are so many beneficial uses with the mini GPS  tracker.

I remember my good friend  that placed a covert GPS tracker on her luggage when she visited another country. She took a five-hour trip by train coming from Beijing and the attendant told her because her traveling bag was too large that they had to put it at the back of the carriage.

She then fell asleep. Many train stops afterwards she woke up cold and went to get her jacket however her travel luggage was not there! I swore that this would not occur to me and thus I looked for a small GPS locator to stash inside my bag whenever I traveled.

GPS trackers are gadgets that use the Global Positioning System to be able to determine the specific location of anything. It may be your luggage, your little ones or your car. In my case I am constantly worried about another person stealing my DSLR camera.

So I ran across this small GPS tracker to put inside my camera bag every time I would go on trips. All I had to do was ask my phone company to provide another number to me. The moment the SIM card came I simply inserted it in the GPS device.

Now each time I would like to know where my camera is I can text the number. The unit will then send me its speed and coordinates that I can check on mapping software. I can even contact as well as listen in on what is happening within 8 feet of the tracker!

Obviously I was not paying for an extra telephone number just for the times that I was on the road. When I am not traveling it is clipped on Toby’s collar. He’s my dark brown retriever which can often get distracted.

For example while we would be playing Frisbee something would grab his attention and he would just run off. Normally it was female dog. At night he would disappear and I would have no clue where to find him.

With the help of the covert GPS tracking gadget on his collar. I don’t experience this problem any longer.

The mini GPS tracker is a very easy way of locating elderly loved ones suffering with dementia, children and pets that have wondered away.

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