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How You Can Make Certain That Your Nanny Is Doing Her Job

When it comes to home security you cant ever be too safe. For one I have procured a topnotch home alarm system that automatically contacts the police each time it detects a break-in.

Now each time my better half and I go out on the town we employ a nanny to look after our children. But she did not feel at ease leaving our children in the hands of a stranger. Thus to reassure her I purchased a high quality hidden camera with a built-in DVR also.

Surveillance cameras are used for privately keeping track of activity in a certain area. They are designed to look like normal household objects and match their surroundings to ensure that no person will suspect being watched.

The spy camera which we purchased had a built-in DVR and required no additional set up other than to take it out of the box. Its DVR contained every function necessary to start recording footage immediately.

The DVR allows for video playback in two ways. First you could connect it to a regular Television set utilizing the provided RCA cable. Second you can take out the supplied SD memory card and download its contents to a computer using a card reader.

What I bought was an iPod hidden camera DVR dock station that features a completely working iPod dock. It utilizes Apples Universal Dock and works with any iPod. We positioned it on top of our entertainment system to keep an eye on our living room.

It really works as advertised and records high quality video for the price. Considering that it functions as a working iPod dock we utilize it to really play music whenever we have guests around. It does not occur to them that its also a video camera.

We bought additional covert cameras for other areas in and around our home and each one is a high quality hidden camera like the first. We have not had any problems with babysitters but when we do we can rest easy knowing that we can monitor them.

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