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How You Can Protect Yourself In Child Custody Cases


Installing surveillance equipment is how you can protect yourself in child custody cases.

I won sole custody of Jaime when she was six years old given that all her dad’s attempts to abandon her and also me were verified in court. A decade later on he was earning more money than me (he did not need to be a single parent did he?) and was missing his daughter eventually.

Even though he gained visitation rights and I acquiesced James wanted a lot more. He would be taking off unannounced with our kid against Jaime’s wishes at times. I went over the surveillance camera systems online for one to monitor my ex-partner.

Security cams make a dependable way of following activity inside a location or by a subject regardless of your physical presence. Normally too the sight of these will be sufficient in dissuading the would-be perpetrators of crime.

My gut instinct was to grant my lawbreaking ex-spouse ample verbal warning when documenting his actions inside my residence at the same time. With solid video proof I could then take him to court once more in the event that it ever became needed.

Being a solo and also working mother I could not offer enough time to searching for surveillance cameras that were the best fit and this was stalling my very own plan. Fortunately a 4 channel wired DVR complete system saved me from torturous piece by piece shopping.

The setup consisted of a 4-channel DVR and four day/night wired bullet color cameras. With these came a 17-inch LCD screen the equivalent video cables a mouse as well as remote. It was enough to cover my house.

Wired video cameras are great for active grownups. You plug them and also leave them to record continuously with a steady power supply 24/7 in case they are day/night cameras. Tiny bullet cameras perform the job inconspicuously as well as are easy to mount.

My venture into surveillance camera systems worked. Jaime’s daddy after detecting the spy cameras broke into my room to search for the DVR footage. He saw himself acting like a fool so then he apologized and pleaded with me not to take his child away from him.

Search online to locate surveillance equipment that’ll help protect you in child custody disputes.

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