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How You Can Watch Over Your Children Using Wi-Fi DVR Technology


More and more parents are using WiFi dvr technology to monitor their children being cared for by a hired babysitter or nanny…

I had always been a stay-at-home mommy but made a decision recently to start my own business to supplement my husband’s income. This prompted me to employ a nanny to be to assist me with the youngsters.

Even though I conducted a background check on our sitter and she looked okay, I did not wish to take any chances with my kids. I looked over spy cameras immediately to ensure that I could buy one for our home.

While looking for options on the internet, I discovered that security cameras were used for monitoring activity in a very discreet manner. They were useful for watching over your kids and catching wrongdoers in act. Typically, they were disguised as things viewed every day thus no person would suspect of being seen.

From a selection that I stumbled on, I picked out a Wi-Fi alarm clock radio hidden video camera with 2-way talk back audio. I thought it would be suitable in the kids’ room and, being a completely working Wi-Fi alarm clock radio, could be used to hear music.

Wi-Fi hidden cameras are able to send out videos over the internet using Wi-Fi transmitting technology. This suggests that you can view or listen to live video and audio wirelessly anyplace with an Internet connection.

I found out that IP cameras can be connected straight to a DVR or computer. They utilized an IP address to transmit video via a network using Ethernet/CAT5 cable. Given that these could be linked to an existing network, your system cost was reduced given that little or no additional hardware was required.

The moment I made a purchase, I placed the nanny camera within the room of the kids. I have been looking at the videos for a few weeks right now. I am glad that nothing unusual has been taking place.

When you want to watch over your home or family members, spy cameras with Wi-Fi are great. Now, I can keep an eye on the children no matter where I am.

Working parents have greater peace of mind knowing they can monitor in real time, the care being provided by an entrusted caregiver.

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