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Ideas Concerning How To Decrease The Amount Of Shoplifting Occurrences

High Resolution Color CMOS Camera with Audio

My brother has worked for a huge hardware store for 9 years. When he was promoted to assistant vice president of the administration division 6 months ago he mentioned with his boss and also the manager and the personnel of the security department the necessity for tighter security measures.

In the meeting he reported 73 instances of shoplifting which happened in the prior year alone. Their six surveillance cameras were not enough to cover a 4000-square meter home improvement store excluding the parking place. He talked about with them what a pin hole camera was and just how this sort of board camera could help reduce their losses brought on by shoplifting.

My brother explained that several board cameras use a pinhole lens that has a small opening. This particular lens is connected to a circuit board and is usually utilized in mini dome and covert cameras.

The lens of a board camera although it features a short focal length provides a wide-angle view. This kind of perspective is helpful within a hardware store as two board cameras mounted on opposite ends of one aisle can already cover several aisles.

My sibling suggested that they request twenty brand new board cameras to make sure that the stores premises are thoroughly protected. Upon his divisions consensus he drafted a letter to the management and had his boss approve it.

Within his letter he suggested that the firm buy a high resolution CMOS camera with audio. This sort of board camera captures videos and records sounds too. As such someone that may be or is related to shoplifting can be easily recognized and captured.

The administration provided their go signal to my sibling who then coordinated with the managers of the security as well as purchasing sections to get the board cameras right away.

The purchase of a pin hole camera has certainly reduced the number of shoplifting incidents in the hardware store. From an average of 6 shoplifting cases a month it was reduced to only one.

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