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Ideas Concerning How To Defend Your Business Against Internal And Also External Threats


The following story was shared by a customer and she explains how to protect your restaurant against internal and external threats…

My sweetheart operates a successful local St. Louis, Mo restaurant. Actually he learned to cook in jail. As a radical student activist he got jailed for one year. Before his release he had denounced violence. His own little eating place was robbed at gunpoint at one time and he just gave up the money.

Well I needed to take action. Not every armed criminal exits quietly once the cash is theirs. So I hired for his place of business a security personnel and also got a security alarm system put in place together with a 4 channel wired DVR complete system as support.

Security cameras can keep an eye on people and also environs without human restraints. For criminal acts that fitted as well as posted sentries can’t stop monitoring can assist to pin down the criminals and also reveal inside jobs.

The dudes which put up the alarm system pointed out that I would not have to blow money and time on obtaining spy equipment piece by piece in case I got them packaged. With this in mind I purchased a 4-channel security camera system off the Internet.

A standalone 4-channel DVR and also 4 day/night wired bullet color cams along with a 17-inch LCD monitor the equivalent video wires a mouse and remote control made up the idiot-proof set.

By employing an integrated DVR this system is fully equipped for networking in order that it makes the video footage viewable on the net. Any place my partner is he can check on his restaurant as long as he can get on the net.

Wired video cameras are perfect for fixed locations. You pop them into the usual power sources and also leave them to monitor ceaselessly 24/7 when they are also day/night cams. And bullet video cameras being tiny do the job quietly from virtually any area you choose.

When the 4 channel wired DVR complete system was up we discovered a young couple that would leave without settling their bill from time to time. I handed the guard screenshots of their faces and they have ever since been denied entry to the restaurant.

DIY complete surveillance systems can be purchased online at an much cheaper price than retail stores.




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