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Ideas On How To Keep A Close Watch On The Nanny


Being employed as a nurse in New York requires me to have 16-hour shifts regularly which is the reason why I employed a nanny for my child. Considering that this was my first time to get a sitter I purchased a high definition hidden camera to keep a close watch on her while shes at home.

To do that without being obvious I placed the teddy bear hidden DVR camera inside the nursery where the child stays all day. It looks like a regular stuffed toy making it look really unnoticeable as soon as placed along with the other toys inside the room.

Moreover this remote-controlled security camera is a wireless camera that doesnt require any complicated installations. Because of the absence of wires and cables I have the choice to put it either in the nursery or even in the living room.

The high-resolution quality of the videos taken by this nanny cam can be seen on a laptop or computer through the removable SD card bundled in the hidden camera. To add an RCA cable was also given for transferring the video footage to a display or television by linking that to the camera.

One more awesome feature is that it can be activated through the motion sensor attached to it. Once it senses movement within its range the teddy bear hidden camera automatically starts to make a video recording.

The price was so inexpensive as compared to the other spy cameras out there. Even though cost was never an issue considering that my top priority was to keep an eye on my baby whenever I was not around every person loves a great deal.

As for the nanny I feel fortunate since it turns out that she really knows how to do her job. Apart from looking after my son she helps me through cleaning the house and also cooking meals.

Thanks to my high definition hidden camera I can always watch over my child even if Im away for work. From precisely what I have seen the nanny do for him I actually hope that she never finds an employer whos much better than me.

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